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Informal, Surrey Local Outbreak Engagement Board - Thursday, 2 September 2021 2.00 pm

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    A verbal update is to be provided on the surveillance of the data and intelligence concerning COVID-19.


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    Dr Naheed Rana - Public Health Consultant (SCC)

    Ruth Hutchinson - Director of Public Health (SCC)


    Key points raised in the discussion:

    1.   The Public Health Consultant (SCC) noted:

    ·         the daily monitoring, intelligence and surveillance of data by the Public Health Team (SCC), including a review of the triggers and escalations concerning Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population, test positivity, transmission and vaccinations; agreed actions and notifications.

    ·         an overview of Covid-19 cases in Surrey up to 24 August 2021 shown via the epi curve across the three lockdowns and the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, to date there had been 102,177 positive Covid-19 cases in Surrey.

    ·         the peak in cases as a result of the UEFA European Football Championship final and peak as a result of the easing of restrictions from Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown on 19 July 2021.

    ·         the number of cases and rates per 100,000 population for the 7-day period up to 29 August 2021: England - 296 per 100,000, South East - 267.9 per 100,000, Surrey - 242.9 per 100,000, Surrey Heath - 284.7 per 100,000 compared to Mole Valley - 195.3 per 100,000.

    ·         that rates over the last few months across the Boroughs and Districts in Surrey had been fluctuating, nationally Surrey’s Boroughs and Districts were ranked towards the bottom end of the lower-tier local authorities in England for the latest 7-day period to 28 August 2021, recognising the targeted efforts to achieve the decrease in case rates. 

    ·         that cases in Surrey were on a downward trajectory but could rise with schools starting and rates remained high as shown in the infographic on Surrey Covid-19 summary of cases and rates over a 7-day period published on 1 September 2021.

    ·         the heat map of cases per 100,000 population by age group across Surrey between 29 July 2021 - 21 August 2021 and within the Boroughs and Districts, with the highest cases in 20 to 29 year olds followed by 10 to 19 year olds. There was also a slight increase in cases for over 50 and 60 year olds.

    ·         the weekly case rates per 100,000 population in Surrey and surrounding areas between 19 July 2021 - 29 August 2021, areas with higher cases were holiday destinations.

    ·         that in Surrey up to 30 August 2021 around 84% the adult population had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, 77% had received their second dose; uptake varied across the Boroughs and Districts.

    ·         the triangulation of vaccination rates and case rates, to target areas of higher rates and lower vaccine uptake.

    ·         the weekly Surrey Covid-19 Intelligence Publications, infographic and summary. 

    2.    The Chairman sought an update on an action from the June Informal Board:

    -       Minute item 19/21: 1. The Public Health team (SCC) will liaise with the Vice-Chairman concerning his offer of logistical support by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council through volunteers to encourage the uptake of vaccinations.

    -     In response, the Director of Public Health (SCC) noted that the ongoing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 27/21



    A communications and engagement strategy has been developed to support the Surrey Local Outbreak Management Plan. The Communications Plan has evolved as more has been learnt about our public health response to the virus and this report provides the latest update on communications activity.



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    Andrea Newman - Strategic Director for Communication, Public Affairs and Engagement (SCC)


    Key points raised in the discussion:

    1.    The Strategic Director for Communication, Public Affairs and Engagement (SCC) noted:

    ·         the dynamic situation, since the last Board the country had moved into Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown and in line with national guidance and insights from the Public Health Team (SCC) communications campaigns continued been tailored locally for Surrey.

    ·         the change in the guidance concerning self-isolation and international travel - noting the extensive messaging around testing and complying with public health campaigns.

    ·         the success of the RingGo parking app trialled over the summer in Surrey through a six-week campaign targeting the eight Boroughs and Districts where the case rates were higher, the campaign message was viewed over 323,857 times and the service used was free for the public sector.

    ·         the beneficial addition of RingGo similarly to NextDoor within the communications toolbox.

    ·         the data-led targeted communications campaigns focusing on less compliant groups in terms of vaccination uptake such as young men and young people, the SoonSurrey Instagram channel remained a useful tool as well as new summer festival assets - using as many channels as possible targeting in a granular way.

    ·         the targeted communications around the vaccination rollout in conjunction with Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS) colleagues, colleagues within health and policing and university colleagues.

    ·         the next steps around winter pressures, a group had been set up between Surrey County Council and partner colleagues which had agreed a set of themes which might arise in the future autumn and winter period.

    ·         that she was happy to liaise with colleagues further on the specifics concerning the wide-ranging winter pressures and preparedness not solely limited to Covid-19 and the possible booster vaccines, but also concerning the flu vaccines - further information to follow from the NHS around the model of delivery which will be communicated across Surrey - respiratory illnesses and wider system pressures.

    ·         the winter leaflet would be sent to all households in Surrey following last year’s success, it contained useful phone numbers and information as well as signposting to services; it would be a joint approach with health colleagues.

    ·         the focus on mental health, particularly in October for the World Mental Health Day which would be a system-wide collaborative campaign.

    ·         the Back to School campaign focusing on testing, noting incoming guidance on extending vaccinations to clinically extremely vulnerable children in a particular age group.

    ·         the new legislation coming into force in November for the mandatory vaccinations of people working in care homes, the cut off point for double vaccinations was 16 September 2021 - noting the work to increase awareness of that within organisations across Surrey.

    2.    The Chairman welcomed the informative update and asked whether the Strategic Director for Communication, Public Affairs and Engagement (SCC) was happy to link into the informal private Board around autumn and winter modelling assumptions.

    -       In response, the Strategic Director for Communication, Public Affairs and Engagement (SCC) was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 28/21



    The report details progress on Surrey’s Local Outbreak Management Plan including key outcomes and milestones to date, challenges and next steps going forward.








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    Ruth Hutchinson - Director of Public Health (SCC)

    Caroline Chapman - Senior Public Health Contact Tracing Lead (SCC)

    Charlotte Keeble - Covid Vaccination Programme Director, Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS)

    Alison Mason - Senior Public Health Lead (SCC)

    Lisa Harvey-Vince - Senior Public Health Lead (SCC)

    Lisa Andrews - Public Health Principal (SCC)

    Clare Curran - Cabinet Member for Children and Families (SCC)

    Sinead Mooney - LOEB Chairman and Cabinet Member for Adults (SCC)

    Gavin Stephens - Chief Constable of Surrey Police


    Key points raised in the discussion:


    National update - Roadmap out of national lockdown for England 


    1.    The Director of Public Health (SCC) noted:

    ·         the publication of the Covid-19 Response: Summer 2021 plan on 5 July which outlined Step 4 of the roadmap out of national lockdown for England which began on 19 July.

    ·         Step 4 was a fundamental shift concerning how people protected themselves alongside the targeted interventions to reduce risk. 

    ·         the Surrey Local Outbreak Management Plan mirrored the key bullet points within Step 4, focussing on delivering the vaccination programme, enabling the public to make informed decisions through guidance - communications was key - rather than through legislation, managing the risks at the border and retaining contingency measures to respond to unexpected events - such as the increase in cases in the south west.

    ·         the updated Covid-19 Contain Framework: a guide for local decision makers on 5 August, detailing how local authorities could act and what powers they had, and outlined the key protections that remained in place: symptomatic testing and targeted asymptomatic testing in education and high-risk workplaces, self-isolation remained a legal requirement for those who tested positive, as of 16 August fully vaccinated adults and those under 18 years identified as a close contact of a positive case no longer needed to self-isolate - a PCR test was recommended - and rules for travel to England such as quarantine depending on countries on the amber or red list.

    ·         in place of legislation Step 4 set out cautious guidance both for individuals and for businesses in the community; key was a gradual and safe return to the workplace, the wearing of face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport, letting fresh air in, minimising the number and proximity of social contacts, encouraging businesses at large events such as festivals to use the NHS Covid Pass particularly in high-risk settings.


    Local update - Local Outbreak Management Plan


    2.   The Director of Public Health (SCC) noted:

    ·         that Surrey’s Local Outbreak Management (formerly Control) Plan was re-published to reflect the changes from Step 4 of the roadmap and the revised Contain Framework.

    ·         Surrey’s Covid Management Group had ceased, replaced by the Surrey Heartlands ICS Resilience and Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Board (EPRR) from September, a Managing Director from NHS Frimley CCG sat on the Board and the terms of reference would be reviewed including the relationship with the LOEB and ensuring representative membership.

    ·         following the first meeting of the EPRR Board next week, she  ...  view the full minutes text for item 29/21



    The report provides an update on the Community (COVID-19) Champions Programme in Surrey.



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    Jenn Smith - Senior Public Health Lead (SCC)


    Key points raised in the discussion:


    1.   The Senior Public Health Lead (SCC) noted:


    Phase One


    ·         that the Community Champions programme was established in November 2020, having been introduced to Surrey County Council by the Board’s Chairman.

    ·         currently nine out of the eleven Boroughs and Districts in Surrey had either fully or partially launched their programme, Tandridge District Council had not shown an interest to engage and talks were ongoing with Woking Borough Council.

    ·         there were dedicated coordinators, one per Borough or District.

    ·         there were around two hundred and fifty Community Champions, each having a wide network across Surrey with some having a large social media following.

    ·         the information provided to Community Champions such as the weekly briefing was circulated widely across communities and the feedback loop from community engagement was important, questions asked by Community Champions were always answered. 

    ·         the steering group was composed of all the coordinators, public health and guest speakers from the ICSs.

    ·         the Boroughs and Districts were asked to provide a webinar, the frequency was mixed across Surrey.

    ·         following evaluation and engagement with the coordinators, key challenges included:

    -       Community Champion fatigue with less feedback being provided as a result of moving to Covid-19 recovery.

    -       dwindling Community Champion attendance at webinars.

    -       gaps in representation for some demographics which was being addressed through recruitment.

    -       a disparity in programme delivery which was partly positive as it was tailored to local populations.

    -       a lack of monitoring and evaluation due to existing work. commitments and the dynamic nature of the pandemic.

    ·         Strengths included:

    -       strong organisational support for the programme.

    -       the dedicated and engaged coordinators and Community Champions.

    -       the huge potential to widen the scope of the programme.


    Phase Two


    ·      the newly recruited Project Support Officer (SCC), who introduced herself. 

    ·      the intention to expand the reach to new settings and communities, such as mental health, learning disabilities and workplace settings; and to work closely with local parish councils.

    ·      that the phase would be planned next week with the Programme Manager - Covid-19 (SCC), and would include a large recruitment drive and training for the Community Champions, bringing in aspects of Making Every Contact Count, developing an evaluation framework, a communications plan to advertise the programme and to expand the scope to focus on winter wellness by encouraging the flu vaccinations and Covid-19 boosters and to promote screening programmes.

    2.    The Chairman welcomed the Project Support Officer (SCC); and asked how the Board could support the programme in terms of reaching out to Community Champions and supporting their engagement.

    -     In response, the Senior Public Health Lead (SCC) highlighted the importance of raising the profile of the Community Champions programmes across Surrey, noting the two cohorts in Elmbridge with community volunteers and councillors - with future proposals to be brought to the Board.

    3.   The Chairman welcomed the report which was in response to an action from the June Informal Board meeting concerning: 

    -       Minute  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30/21



    The next meeting of the Surrey Local Outbreak Engagement Board will take place on 19 November 2021.

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    The date of the next meeting was noted as 19 November 2021.