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Presentation from the county council’s Lead Cabinet Members for People and Place, and the Director of Transformation at Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership, on working together with district and borough councils, with a key focus on health and wellbeing.


(Presentation to be circulated with the minutes).


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Officers attending: Sarah Parker, Director of Transformation, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership; Mr Colin Kemp, Lead Cabinet Member for Place; Mr Tim Oliver, Lead Cabinet Member for People.


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Mr Oliver introduced the presentation. The aim of the session was to raise awareness locally of how council and partners are working together on health and wellbeing. The emphasis is on prevention and early intervention, to try and reduce the number of people needing critical care.


The presentation given by Mr Oliver and the Director of Transformation is attached to the minutes as an annex.


The following points were made:


·         The county faces significant financial challenges, and cannot deliver on its own. During the recent ‘vision for 2030’ consultation, the most common theme raised was that of the environment, and this is something that does link closely to health and wellbeing. There are ‘wider determinants of health’ that contribute to an individual, and community’s wellbeing, such as neighbourhood design, transport and pollution.

·         While many parts of the county are affluent, other areas suffer real deprivation. Life expectancy varies significantly.

·         Surrey Heartlands covers approximately 80% of Surrey, and part of Reigate and Banstead. Surrey and Sussex Healthcare cover the rest of Reigate and Banstead. Both work closely together.

·         The Health and Wellbeing Board will be expanding so that all acute hospitals are represented on the Board.

·         Surrey Heartlands are really keen to improve partnerships locally.

·         They are working towards a devolved decision making role, where they can focus on local priorities, rather than having to bid for pots to address national priorities.

·         There have been a number of successes to highlight – such as co-locating midwives with paramedics, so that they can provide telephone advice to patients. This has allowed them to stand down a number of ambulances.

·         A campaign will be starting shortly to try and reduce strokes.

·         The county council are waiting for the government’s green paper on health and social care integration to be published.


Member discussion – key points:


·         Members noted that Surrey Heartlands cover the north of the borough, but not the south. The north of the borough receives higher funding than the south.

·         Members questioned how Surrey Heartlands and Surrey and Sussex Healthcare work together. The Director of Transformation confirmed that they are in regular conversation, often work from the same offices, and are working on improving information sharing.

·         SCC needs to support the local CCG that has a high deficit, with their recovery. Welcome news that all acute hospitals will be represented on the health and wellbeing board.

·         Would like to hear from Surrey and Sussex Healthcare as well.

·         Public Health budget and highways budgets have been reduced, which impacts on health and wellbeing. 

·         The Ebbisham Centre has an extended surgery opening during the holidays – Surrey Heartlands need to feed this into their communications, so that residents know this resource is there. The extra public holidays at Christmas this year could stretch A&E even further. The Director of Transformation agreed to take this back.

·         A Horley Town Councillor noted that the third tier of local government can also help – through village halls, activities, volunteers etc.

·         County and NHS should focus more on value – contracts with private sector should ensure that residents are able to live well. Care Quality Commission only visits once a year, and it is vital that contracts are delivering for residents.

·         Disputes seem to be increasing in relation to what the NHS will fund versus what social care will fund. In response, the Lead Cabinet Member for People noted that an agreement is being put into place to regulate how the health and social care budgets will come together.




There were no recommendations associated with this agenda item.  The chairman thanked the Cabinet Members and officer for attending.

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