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The Committee is asked to note the performance of the service for the current year to date. The information provided covers performance against the seven high level indicators agreed by the Committee and in relation to the service budget.



Amanda Poole, Assistant Head of Trading Standards

David Pickering, Trading Standards Manager – Regulation


Key points from the discussion:


1.     Officers introduced the report and provided a brief summary. Members noted the following details:

·        That the data included in the report was correct up to two weeks before publication.

·        The service’s performance was positive against key performance indicators.

·        That all key performance indicators with numerical goals were met.

·        That the confiscations through the Proceeds of Crime Act were lower than in recent years.

·        That the number of convictions of Rogue Traders and Money Launderers was currently 12 and was expected to rise to 14 by the end of the year. 

2.     In regards to convictions, Members asked if it was usual practice for officers to publicise convictions with the aim of deterring future crime. Officers stated that the service worked closely with communication teams in each Authority and that it aimed to encourage press coverage where possible. Some examples of press coverage could be found on page 29 the report.

3.     The Committee discussed opportunities to increase volunteering in the service. It was noted that volunteering hours had decreased from 2,282 hours in 2017/18 to 1,756 hours in the first three quarters of 2018/19. Members further discussed the opportunity to cooperate with Fire & Rescue services in each Authority with the aim of encouraging further volunteer engagement. Members also suggested encouraging public volunteering by providing information at the various officer-run ‘roadshows’.

4.     Members discussed the ‘Ports Project’ which involved the detention of unsafe goods at the point of entry where it was noted that it was an efficient and effective way to protect consumers from potentially harmful products. When considering the graphs in the report, it was noted that the chart on page 37 presented the number of individual items inspected, and that the chart on page 38 presented the number of inspection visits to ports. Members further noted that fulfilment centres may not be accountable for non-compliant products passing through their services.

5.     Members noted that the number of nuisance calls blocked had increased due to the increased number of call blocking units installed.

6.     Members discussed the service’s key performance indicators where it was raised that the indicators may not accurately reflect the development and progress of the service due to the overarching goals being out of the service’s control. The Committee asked that this be considered when assessing the key performance indicators in the future.

7.     The Committee agreed that a report on ‘emerging issues’ for the service be considered at a future meeting.


Actions/ further information to be provided:


A1/19 -  Officers to consider the opportunity to link with the Fire & Rescue services in each Authority to create a joint volunteer recruitment programme and for progress to be reported at the next meeting of the Committee. Officers to also consider how the service could encourage public volunteering at the various officer-run ‘roadshows’.


A2/19 - The Committee agreed that a report on ‘emerging risks’ for the service be considered at a future meeting.




The Trading Standards Joint Committee:


       i.          Noted that Service’s performance

      ii.          Noted the Service’s currently financial position

Supporting documents: