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At the 13th December 2013 Local Committee, Members agreed a programme of revenue and capital highway works in Tandridge.  Delegated Authority was given to enable the forward programme to be progressed without the need to bring further reports to the Local Committee for decision.  This report sets out recent progress.  The report also updates Members on other maintenance programmes in Tandridge and on customer enquiries.


Report and Annex 1 attached.


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Officers attending: John Lawlor, Highways Area Team Manager

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The Highways Area Team Manager presented the report and confirmed that an additional £23 million in funding had been agreed for flood damage.


He continued also that a winter service update will be received shortly.


The Highways Area Team Manager explained the customer services section of the report and clarified the complaints section and that the majority of complaints received were due to poor weather.


Member Discussion – key points:


·         Members asked on the position of Harrow road, to which the Highways Area team manager explain that it was still in the design phase for the soakaway.

·         Mr Hodge responded that it was always agreed that this road would be done as part of project horizon this year outside number 247 who had flooding in their garden and that Farleigh road would be after Harrow road. The area team manager agreed he would check on the status of this with the Horizon team.

·         Members also generally requested that in the wake of the flooding problems, they can have different pots of funding (some local and some centrally etc) as it is increasingly difficult to know who is controlling which pots and what their priorities were. More guidance and explanation is required (for example the flooding task group will shortly be coming up with a new list also) and members feel there is often much duplication as a result.

·         Mr Hodge updated the committee on the county perspective on flooding. Surrey was the worst hit with regards to roads and services (although it had previously been reported that it was Taunton). Funding received has not matched the requirements and other counties have received more funding despite incurring less flooding. The director and assistant director of highways are putting together a comprehensive list and Croydon are putting together a bid for the A22 where Mr Hodge will be meeting with them to discuss which will probably be a £1 million scheme.

·         Mr Hodge continued that many residents of Surrey did not realise the extent of problems caused by the floods, such as the problems which the county would have faced if the electric stations flooded which could have affected over 1 million people. Mr Hodge stated that he believes we need to go to the source of the problem (the lower Thames is a major issue for much of Surrey). He continued that he has written to the Prime Minister however they have not received any further money and the biggest concern is the lack of funding support.

·         Members raised concerns that often they are not sure where to go, for what with the highways team when there is flooding for example and that this is something that needs clarification. The Chairman emphasised that the flooding in the South of the district was quite serious and that David Harmer should be aware of this.
Mr Hodge stated that Mr Harmer had done a good job and that government needs to put more investment in infrastructure; new homes for example put a lot of pressure on the area.




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