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This report provides an overview of early education and childcare services and children’s centre services in the district of Tandridge.


Report and Appendix 1 attached.


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Officers attending: Anne James, Early Intervention and Improvement Manager


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·         The Early Intervention and Improvement Manager presented the report and gave an overview of the early education and childcare services and children’s centres services in Tandridge.

·         She continued that the private, voluntary and independent sectors provide the childcare; Surrey County Council does not.

·         The Early Intervention and Improvement Manager explained the take up and range of services in the district as set out in the report and continued that in the district of Tandridge, there is sufficient take places however take up is just below that of the Surrey average (Table 5 in the report).

·         Children in Tandridge do better than the Surrey average and the results from the last year show that the Surrey average is 63.4% and for Tandridge it is now 67%, which is also 7.5% above the national average. Table 5 also shows that the vulnerable groups in Tandridge are doing well and also better than the Surrey average.

·         OFSTED results in Tandridge are in line with the Surrey average and 80% are good or outstanding and way above the national average.


Member Discussion – key points:


·         Members enquired why the district provided five Sure Start centres when there was a large abundance of suppliers (and sufficient suppliers) in the district. The Early Intervention and Improvement Manager responded that not all of the centres provide childcare and some run health services and other support services. Members enquired whether they should reduce the number of centres in the district which the Early Intervention and Improvement Manager said she would look into it, however these centres do provide other services and providers are quite different in the services they provide.

·         The manager continued to explain that there are 58 children’s centres in Surrey and 550 Private, voluntary and independent centres. Members inquired whether many of these were schools and whether they were all offering nurseries. The Early Intervention and Improvement Manager responded that around 67 have nurseries in their settings (within Surrey) on a school site.

·         Ms Helena Windsor agreed that the Sure Start centres often provided more parental support than childcare services which the Early Intervention and Improvement Manager confirmed; such as parenting courses, healthcare etc.

·         Members referred to merging of services in some areas. In more deprived areas the centres helped families and ensured children had a good start.

·         Members asked if there were any concerns they should be aware of however the Early Intervention and Improvement Manager confirmed that all are doing well and even in the lowest 20% they were still above the Surrey average however they would still require further support to narrow the gap further. In general however there are no concerns with this district.

·         The Local Committee Chairman raised the issue of Young Epilepsy whereby the new OFSTED rules may mean they are downgraded only because they do not have the accurate data to provide them with as the data is not available. The team have concerns that the sure start centre will be downgraded and as a result so will Young Epilepsy.
The Early Intervention and Improvement Manager assured the Chairman that Phil Osborne (Head of early years and childcare services) has been in contact with them in order to determine what data is required so that perhaps the research and information team may provide them with the data required.

·         The Chairman requested that the Young Epilepsy team be kept informed as they may consider withdrawing.

·         The members thanked the team for the great results.




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