Agenda item


To answer any questions from residents or businesses within the Tandridge District area in accordance with Standing Order 69. Notice should be given in writing or by email to the Community Partnership and Committee Officer by 12 noon four working days before the meeting.


Eight formal public questions were received.


Question 1


The question asked for information on the different agencies and their responsibilities towards parking matters was submitted by David Cooley, Tandridge District Councillor and Chairman of Warlingham Parish Council. 


Mrs Marks felt that although the information was useful, what would be helpful if the information could be made clearer and in a format that Councillors and Parishes could forward on to residents to provide clear guidance around parking enforcement.   The Committee agreed this would be helpful and asked that it could be produced and distributed.


Question 2


On behalf of Horne Parish Council, Parish Councillors David Brown and Tracey Osgood asked if BOAT 329 could be declassified as a bridleway.  The Chairman advised that the response set out the various legal options for the request. They thanked the Committee for the response but would still like to try to take forward and pursue.  Divisional Member Mr Sydney sympathised with the Parish and was supportive in their request.  Mrs Windsor advised that as this leads into her Division she has contacted the satnav companies through their websites to advise that this route is not suitable for vehicular access.  The Highways Manager offered to take their request forward.


Question 3


On behalf of Nutfield Parish Council David Cullen asked if a 20mph would be considered for parts of the Parish.  Mr Cullen advised he was happy with the response but asked if a petition from the local school would be helpful in this request.  The Principle Engineer advised that this would not be necessary to look into the request.


Question 4


On behalf of Nutfield Parish Council David Cullen asked if anything could be done to rectify undulation and poor drainage on Kings Mead.  Could the Parish Council take some action to rectify the issue.  The Area Highways Officer advised that they would not recommend that the Parish Council carried out the works and offered that Highways worked with the Parish.  Divisional Member Mrs Windsor advised that she would be happy to some of her allocation to help with the work.


Mr Hodge suggested that residents should write to our MP Sam Gyimah to lobby and ask what he could do for a fairer funding system from central government.  This includes fairer funding for education and for car tax money which is not proportionate to the amount paid by Surrey residents.   Mr Hodge advised that it cost the County £800,000 to put notices in papers for traffic regulation orders and questioned in the day of internet and social media if this was a good use of money.


Question 5  


Simon Morrow asked for an update on the current status of the parking proposals in Glebe and Elm road in Warlingham.  Mr Morrow indicated that residents may now be in favour of a parking scheme.  The Chairman advised that each parking review starts a fresh. 


Question 6


Mr John Hill raised a question over the concerns that the resurfacing on Westhall Road in Warlingham had been carried out twice.  Mr Hill thanked the Committee for their response.  The Highways Officer advised that the highways teams do work closely to try and prevent work being carried out twice, however due to contractual issues this did not happen in this case.  Due to the contract with the contractor should work have to be completed again it is at their cost.


Question 7


Mr Coxall was unable to attend the meeting but has been provided with a written response to his question on parking matters outside Boulthurst Way, Oxted. Mr Skellett the Divisional Member advised that he will be talking with residents and will be highlighting in the next parking review.


Question 8


A questioner raised concerns with the maintenance of the garage area on Ockleys Mead, South Godstone and young people playing in the area.  They felt that the drains are an issue and regularly become blocked.  The Highways Officer advised that as no one from Property Services was in attendance at the meeting that she would pass the concerns on to the officer to address.