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Decisions published

08/04/2021 - Surrey County Council Response to Covid-19: Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Funding ref: 4570    Recommendations Approved

1.    As part of the national lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on 4 January 2021, the Government advised all Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) people to shield until 31 March 2021.


2.    To enable councils to support CEV individuals during this period, and for Tier 4 areas during the local restrictions from 20 December 2020 to 4 January 2021, funding was made available to councils. MHCLG committed to provide councils with funding equivalent to £14.60 per CEV individual on the Shielded Patient List (SPL) per four weeks, pro rata. Funding is calculated per CEV individual on the SPL within the local authority boundaries, irrespective of whether they require support.


3.    The dates covered and the funding allocated  to Surrey County Council are as follows:

20 Dec - 4 Jan         £321,753

5      – 31 Jan             £575,309

1 – 28 Feb*              £723,938



* The SPL containing QCovid additions was updated in two tranches, on the 16 and 23 February 2021 respectively. Tranche 1 was under 70s and tranche 2 was over 70s.


The funding for December and January was received in the last week of March and we have been informed that the February allocations will be paid in April.   We have not received any communication relating to March funding as yet.


4.    MHCLG expect councils to use the funding to deliver the activities and outcomes outlined in the Shielding Framework. This includes the overheads of setting up and managing the local system, contacting CEV individuals within the area of intervention, assessing the food and basic support needs of CEV individuals and facilitating the delivery of that support where necessary, and reporting on the level of support provided. As outlined in the Framework, the funding accounts for the direct provision of food on an exception only basis.


5.    MHCLG also state that it is essential that upper tier authorities provide sufficient resources to lower tier authorities to carry out any responsibilities that they are asked to undertake to support CEV individuals.


6.    This paper seeks approval for the allocation of the funding for CEV support of £1,621m.



In line with previously approved allocations, it is proposed that this funding is allocated based on the Shielded Patient List (SPL), which provides a breakdown of CEV residents by district and borough, including an allocations to CEV residents known to social care that are supported by Surrey County Council.  The amounts retained by SCC are proposed to be used to cover costs within Customer services for the ongoing support to CEV residents through the community helpline.


Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive

Decision published: 08/04/2021

Effective from: 08/04/2021


Decision made:


It was AGREED that:


The following allocations would be made, in  line with the proposals set out above:


Lead officer: Michael Coughlin

06/04/2021 - Approval To Award A Contract For The Pond Meadow Extra Care Housing Scheme ref: 4569    Recommendations Approved

The Adult Social Care’s Accommodation with Care and Support Strategy (AwCS) was approved by Cabinet in July 2019, the strategy sets out the Council’s ambition to develop 725 affordable units of Extra Care Housing in Surrey by 2030. 

Approval to procure the Pond Meadow Extra Care Housing Provision via the Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO) supply model on the site of the former Pond Meadow school was granted by Cabinet in October 2019. 

Subsequently, upon the conclusion of the tender process a 125 year contract will be awarded to Funding Affordable Homes Housing Association Limited (FAH).

Decision Maker: Executive Director Adult Social Care

Decision published: 08/04/2021

Effective from: 06/04/2021


Decision made:

It was agreed that, the council shall proceed to award a 125 year contract to Funding Affordable Homes Housing Association Limited (FAH) for the purposes of developing an Extra Care Housing scheme on the Pond Meadow site.


Lead officer: Mike Boyle

29/03/2021 - Approval to award a contract for Combined Sensory Services for Adults ref: 4568    Recommendations Approved

Adult Social Care has specific duties under the Care Act 2014 to provide services to people with sensory impairments. This includes adults living in Surrey who are profoundly deaf, are Deaf and use British Sign Language, who are hearing impaired, sight impaired, severely sight impaired or who have dual sensory loss. The aim of all services is to provide sensory impaired people with appropriate support and resources to maintain and/or improve their health and wellbeing, enabling them to continue to live as independently as possible. The services are designed to reflect what sensory impaired people in Surrey want, what Surrey County Council (SCC) has an obligation to provide, and what services have been recommended within best practice or national guidelines. This service is delivered to adults over the age of 18 with a sight or hearing impairment which impairs their ability to live independently and who live within the Surrey border or are registered with a Surrey GP.


In line with Cabinet approval, a contract has been awarded to Sight for Surrey to deliver Combined Sensory Services.


Decision Maker: Assistant Director for Commissioning

Decision published: 07/04/2021

Effective from: 29/03/2021


Decision made:


It was agreed that a contract be awarded to Sight for Surrey at an annual value of £1,524,000. The total value across the life of the contract is £9,144,000.

The contract will be in place for three years with an option to extend for up to a further 36 months (1+1+1).


Lead officer: Anna Kwiatkowska