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Decisions published

25/11/2022 - Consultancy Contract for ASC VH JC VF Support for development of an inclusive ambition and medium-term strategy and discharge and flow transformation ref: 5191    Recommendations Approved

Surrey County Council (SCC) recognises the need for support to define the medium-term strategy for adult social care and to deliver complex change across interfaces, especially in order to deliver consistent high-quality care whilst interfacing with a complex health provider market. This will enable SCC to meet the twin challenge of delivering immediate impact to support outcomes and improve the financial position, whilst delivering a coherent programme of change to meet a more sustainable medium-term delivery model across the directorate, as well as supporting discharge and flow transformation across Surrey’s hospital system including embedding an enhanced strengths based Discharge to Assess model.  


SCC has ambitions to improve relationships with health partners, providers, the voluntary community and faith sector, as well as internally to deliver better outcomes for its residents and a sustainable financial position. By 2030 Surrey wants to be a uniquely special place where everyone has a great start to life, people live healthy and fulfilling lives, are enabled to achieve their full potential and contribute to their community, and no one is left behind. Ambitions for people include:


·         Children and young people are safe and feel safe and confident.

·         Everyone benefits from education, skills and employment opportunities that help them succeed in life.

·         Everyone lives healthy, active and fulfilling lives, and makes good choices about their wellbeing.

·         Everyone gets the health and social care support and information they need at the right time and place.


Communities are welcoming and supportive, especially of those most in need, and people feel able to contribute to community life.

Decision Maker: Joint Executive Director Adult Social Care & Integrated Commissioning

Decision published: 01/12/2022

Effective from: 25/11/2022


It was AGREED that:


1.           A contract is awarded to Impower Consulting Limited under the ESPO Framework Consultancy Services 2021 664_21 Lot 4b – Social Care Adults.


13/11/2022 - Approval to award Short Breaks for Children & Young People via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and Lot specific contracts ref: 5162    Recommendations Approved

In response to current and emerging requirements for improved communication facilities, the Council decided to replace and improve their existing office telephony and contact centre services.

This contract is for the supply of services in respect of a Microsoft Teams Voice solution with integrated Microsoft certified contact centre and associated SIP / Call plan services. The successful supplier will be responsible for providing the Council a two-phase migration from the Councils’ existing telephony environment to Teams Voice. The two phases for the Council are: 

           Microsoft Teams Voice and associated SIP / Call plan network services. 

           Cloud based contact centre telephony. 

To support a phased migration, the Council is looking to engage a supplier to provide the design, any associated hardware, the installation / configuration and support services for Microsoft Teams Voice, an integrated contact centre and the associated SIP / Call Plan services.

Procurement invited 44 providers from the CCS Network Services 3 Lot 4b & Lot 4c to respond to a further competition. We received 9 bids, with 7 responses fully evaluated and 2 responses disqualified due to not meeting the required minimum quality scores in key areas.

Following completion of the evaluation 4Net Technologies Ltd has been identified as the preferred supplier, achieving the highest overall score based on both price and quality.       

Decision Maker: Executive Director Children, Families Lifelong Learning and Culture

Decision published: 16/11/2022

Effective from: 13/11/2022


It was AGREED that:


  1. Surrey County Council will award a DPS to deliver Short Breaks Services (see Procurement Report).
  2. Surrey County Council will award Call-Off Contracts to the successful Suppliers (see Procurement Report) to Lots 1-6 as a result of the 1st Mini-Competition run in parallel to the setup of the DPS
  3. All future Call Off-Contracts for individual placements and block contracts via a mini competition made under the DPS will be approved by the Director of Commissioning and/or Head of Service.


Lead officer: Anna Kwiatkowska