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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
2020/21 MONTH 9 (DECEMBER) FINANCIAL REPORT ref: 450423/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Extra Care Housing - Capital Delivery ref: 450623/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Extra Care Housing - Capital Delivery ref: 449723/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Delivery Of Care Leaver Accommodation And Children's Homes ref: 450723/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Delivery Of Care Leaver Accommodation And Children's Homes ref: 449823/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Surrey Infrastructure Prioritisation ref: 450123/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Woodhatch Masterplan ref: 450523/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Woodhatch Masterplan ref: 449623/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Reprovision of Bookham Youth Centre and Associated Residential Development ref: 450323/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Strategic Investment Board Annual Report - Financial Year 2019/20 ref: 450823/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Strategic Investment Board Annual Report - Financial Year 2019/20 ref: 450223/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Improving Mental Health Outcomes, Experiences And Services In Surrey ref: 449523/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (Send) Transformation Programme Update ref: 450023/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
School Organisation Plan ref: 449923/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Cabinet Member Strategic Priority Area Update: Tackling Health Inequalities ref: 449423/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Setting A Radical Agenda For Equality, Diversity And Inclusion In Surrey And Surrey County Council ref: 449323/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Acquisition of Aperdele Road Site for Educational Purposes ref: 450923/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Covid-19: Surrey County Council Update ref: 449223/02/202104/03/2021Call-in expired
Covid- 19 Delegated and Urgent Decisions Taken ref: 449123/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Minutes of Previous Meeting: 26 January 2021 ref: 448223/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Leader / Deputy Leader / Cabinet Member/ Strategic Investment Board Decisions Taken Since the Last Cabinet Meeting ref: 449023/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Reports from Select Committees , Task Groups, Local Committees and other Committees of the Council ref: 448923/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Representations received on reports to be considered in private ref: 448823/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Petitions ref: 448723/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Public Questions ref: 448523/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Members' Questions ref: 448623/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Procedural Matters ref: 448423/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 448323/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 448123/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
OFFICE OF THE POLICE & CRIME COMMISSIONER'S BUDGET FOR 2021/22 ref: 446605/02/202105/02/2021Not for call-in
Response to Integrated Care: next steps to build strong and effective integrated care systems across England consultation ref: 451006/01/202106/01/2021Not for call-in
To agree with Surrey Wildlife Trust to close the sawmill operation at Norbury Park- PART 1 ref: 451212/02/202112/02/2021Not for call-in
HIGHWAYS FORWARD PROGRAMME 2021/22 and 2022/23 ref: 447712/02/202127/02/2021Call-in expired
Disbursement of Adult Social Care Workforce Capacity Fund ref: 447811/02/202111/02/2021Not for call-in