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Decisions published

12/12/2018 - PETITIONS ref: 3635    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Guildford Joint Committee

Made at meeting: 12/12/2018 - Guildford Joint Committee

Decision published: 03/01/2019

Effective from: 12/12/2018


Declarations of interest: None



Officers present: Frank Apicella, Area Highways Manager


Petition presented by Mr Mark Payne called ‘Deathly Junction’, requesting that the junction between the A3 and Beechcroft Drive be removed and a safe alternative access be provided, (see supplementary agenda for petition details and officer response).


Mr Payne stated that Beechcroft Drive has a small blind access into heavy traffic on the A3 and the residents safety is at risk when turning out of this dangerous junction. Highways England refuse to say it is dangerous, as most accidents don’t count in the figures as people aren’t hurt however there are still a lot of accidents causing holds ups etc. Public money has been wasted by Highways England, SCC and GBC on surveys and signage and clearing up after accidents in trying to deal with this issue and there has been a failure to deal with this problem. Highways England say there are funding and legal issues with providing a safe alternative access.  Why can’t a road over Surrey University land be delivered? Why can’t this access be reinstated in the Guildford BC Local Plan?



Member discussion - key points:


Councillor Furniss informed the meeting that GBC and SCC had been working hard to come to an agreement with the University to address the access issue and did have a solution. However, Highways England kept moving the funding goal posts including 150 years maintenance for an adoption of a road and made the situation untenable. Councillor Furniss offered to arrange a meeting with Highways England and the residents to discuss this further.


Mr Payne stated that he would like to meet with Highways England as Councillor Furniss had suggested.




 The Joint Committee noted the officer’s comments.




Declarations of interest: None



Officers present: Andy Harkin, Parking Manager, GBC


Petition presented by Mr Kibble requesting the installation of ‘Double Yellow Lines’, around the junction of Spoil Lane and Manor Road, into Spoil Lane and The Gardens, Tongham. (see supplementary agenda for petition details and officer response).



Mr Kibble stated ‘The road into, and out of Spoil Lane continues to be badly congested throughout the day due to cars being parked in this area causing a hazard to other road users along Manor Road and Spoil Lane. During the mornings and afternoons there are a large number of pedestrians crossing these junctions, mainly school children heading to and from Ash Manor School.  The petition proposal has been deferred until March 2019, why can’t yellow lines be painted on the road?’


Member discussion - key points:


The Chairman and the Parking Manager explained that there was a great deal of work, cost and consultation that had to be done before a decision to paint yellow lines could be implemented and that there were hundreds of similar requests across the borough to be considered as well.




 The Joint Committee noted the officer’s comments.