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Spel. Install crossing Feltham Hill Road, Ashford

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Install a suitable and safe crossing on Feltham Hill Road, Ashford close to St Michael’s School

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to install an appropriate crossing facility for the use of school children & adults as well as creating a crossing for Ashford residents to Church Road High Street.

The junction at Feltham Hill Road, (outside St Michaels School) close to the roundabout is a very busy road and extremely difficult to cross unaided. A raised crossing would help slow the traffic down. Over the past few months and with more housing going up on Church Road, the road has seen an increase in cars following the ease of restrictions of lockdown. Cars exit the roundabout onto Feltham Hill Road at high speed and the constant flow of traffic means it is very difficult road to cross and especially at busy times.

A crossing would benefit residents in the Ashford East Ward to cross safely and unaided. There is no place for disabled users to safely cross the road either. We urge the Council to either use CIL contributions for this crossing due to the rise in developments in the area. This matter is very urgent as it relates to the safety of school children. We would appreciate this project be considered as high priority before a fatality/accident occurs.

Started by: Nick Blackford

This ePetition ran from 13/07/2021 to 21/09/2021 and has now finished.

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