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Winkworth Road , Banstead - health and safety concerns

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to take urgent action and provide a solution to the poor quality road surface on Winkworth Road, which is clearly dangerous, in a state of disrepair and causing untold stress on residents and users alike.

Winkworth Road (the A2022) is a very busy 40mph ‘A’ road generally running in an east-west direction flanked by a slip road to the north and south. The entire length of Winkworth Road is made of residential housing on either side.

Over the last few years ‘depressions’ in the road (likely caused by historical roadworks) have worsened to the point of now being both a health and safety hazard. The areas of particular concern are located outside house numbers 92, 100 & 120 and affect both carriageway directions, but particularly on the North side.

A summary of our main concerns, which the council are already well aware of, are summarised below

1. Safety
It has been witnessed that when a vehicle passes over these depressions at the roads speed limit it’s wheels temporarily leave the road due to the uneven road surface for a number of metres. Given this road has a 40mph speed limit - which in itself is surprising given its residential nature - the danger caused by a vehicles wheels leaving the ground severely compromises its braking capability and therefore increasing its stopping distance. To further compound the effect of the points above at certain times of the year the morning sun shines directly into the eyes of a vehicle travelling in an easterly direction towards the upper end of Winkworth Road. Whilst no amount of roadworks can fix the position of the sun in the sky, it further adds to what I believe is a potentially deadly mix that one day I fear will end in a serious accident. Moreover, there have been numerous occasions where items have fallen from vehicles that have struck these depressions - this clearly represents a danger to other road users. Unfortunately, not all users of Winkworth Road observe the speed limit and on a daily basis a car or motorbike can be seen travelling well in excess of 40mph which further increases the risk of an accident. In my view it is only a matter of time until there is a serious accident on Winkworth Road due the road surface condition and the excessive speed limit.

1. Environmental Noise
Similarly, when a large vehicle, HGV or trailer passes over the depressions/ uneven surfaces it causes a loud ‘crashing’ sound and significant sound vibration(s). The frequent, yet irregular, ‘crashes’ - once likened to canon fire by my elderly neighbour - are incredibly disruptive to a relaxing home environment and can be heard all around the surrounding area including inside residents homes. The sound is that loud that it sometimes sets off my car alarm, and can even be heard over Zoom when I’m sat in the back of my house with all the doors/windows closed (note - I can’t work at the front of my house anymore as this noise is too disruptive).
This - as you imagine - is particularly distressing and is having a profound and lasting impact on my family’s (and the other residents’) mental health and well-being. Note , there have also been concerns raised on the impact to people’s homes from the noise vibrations. This I have had personal experience from, having felt my house ‘shudder’ on a number of occasions over the years!

Started by: Catherine Searle (Local Resident, Cate Searle)

This ePetition ran from 04/08/2021 to 01/11/2021 and has now finished.

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