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Epsom: Required improvement of footpaths around Wallace Fields Infant, Nursery & Junior Schools

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to We, the undersigned, petition Surrey County Council to resurface the footpaths along Wallace Fields, from the site of Wallace Fields Infants School, along the full length of Wallace Fields and into Windmill Lane at least as far as number 37 Windmill Lane, where the existing paving slabs, which constitute the footpaths, have fallen into a state of disrepair to the extent of being dangerous. The protruding, cracked and wobbly paving slabs along these pathways are a hazard not only to the children walking or scooting to the schools, but also to their accompanying parents and grandparents, and cause numerous accidents and injuries on a weekly basis. Many sites have slabs which protrude higher than 2.5cm and are clearly a dangerous trip-hazard. The existing surface of these footpaths is simply no longer in a suitable state of repair to be deemed safe, particularly on a route frequented by school and nursery children, and resurfacing with a more suitable, safe surface should be prioritised a

The council has a duty of care to maintain the safety and usability of footpaths that are kept at public expense, and must take all reasonable measures to prevent harm to footpath users. The council is breaching its duty of care, and therefore causing injuries to vulnerable footpath users, particularly children and their accompanying parents and grandparents, as described above. We ask the council to take the necessary corrective measures as a matter of urgency. A failure to do so will amount to negligence on the part of the council.

A copy of this epetition has been sent to Chris Grayling (MP) for review.

Started by: Joanna Brynteson ((with support of Wallace Fields Infants School PTA))

This ePetition runs from 22/11/2021 to 19/02/2022.

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