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R&B. Request significant improvement to pedestrian safety on Woodhatch Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Introduce pedestrian crossings and reduced speed limited on Woodhatch road . There are no pedestrian crossings despite serving 2 schools and Earlswood lakes. Following the introduction of restrictions on Pendleton Road in relation to HGVs. woodhatch road will now see increased heavy traffic with a 40MPh speed limit and no way to safely cross the road at ANY point. Surrey CC need to introduce improved safety measures, including pedestrian crossings, reduced speed limits and improved flood protections.

The use of Earlswood lakes has increased with parking on Woodhatch Road, but no additional measure have been introduced. Children need to cross all the way down Woodhatch road (from the A23 to the roundabout at the junction with Pendleton Road to enable children and parent to get to Dovers Green school and Reigate School.

Unlike Pendleton road which has a number of crossings and reduced speed limits, the council have not provided any measures which reduce the risk to pedestrian users of Woodhatch Road. We urge the Council to take urgent steps to protect all residents and users of this area.

Started by: Mandy Hunt

This ePetition ran from 04/01/2022 to 10/06/2022 and has now finished.

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