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Reconsider the decision to relocate Priory School Reigate to Woodhatch Place

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to halt plans to relocate Priory School in Reigate to Woodhatch Place at least until a full assessment has been carried out into: - road safety for children on routes to Woodhatch Place; - environmental impact of the several hundred cars likely to be on the road at peak times if the school is relocated to Woodhatch Place; - health impacts on children of relocation to a site with elevated levels of air pollutants; - accessibility of the site for families in the current catchment area including those without access to cars; - an alternative site or sites that are safer and easier to access from both North and South Reigate; - the impact on residents local to Woodhatch Place of increased parking and congestion.

We are seriously concerned about road safety, especially given that the main route to the school along Cockshot Hill is a major A road, and we know of many accidents on that road, including ones involving pedestrians. It is not a suitable route for children, more so because Surrey Highways have said that it is 'inappropriate' to lower the speed limit from 30mph.

Given the safety issues, and the significantly increased distance from the catchment area in North Reigate, many parents that currently walk will choose to drive, increasing congestion and pollution at peak times, and we are concerned about how this fits with Surrey Council's plans for reducing carbon emissions and encouraging active travel.

We are supportive of finding a solution that makes years 3-6 education accessible to everyone in North and South Reigate, but believe other options would be more suitable, such as converting feeder schools in North and South Reigate into 'through' schools that provide education from reception to year 6, or finding sites for smaller schools that are easier and safer to access.

We propose that alternative options for the school's site are developed and a full consultation is carried out with parents and residents to select the most appropriate site for the school.

Started by: Sophia Mitchell (HP Parents Group)

This ePetition ran from 04/03/2022 to 02/06/2022 and has now finished.

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