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Install zebra crossing outside of Valley End Infant school or extend parking restrictions

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to We would like a zebra crossing installed outside the entrance of Valley End C of E Infant school on Highams Lane. It should also have double yellow lines along the road towards Blossom pre school.

At the moment the yellow zigzag lines are very faded outside of the school and people are ignoring the road markings. Cars park from outside the front of the school down to the dip kerb. This then makes it impossible to cross the road safely with our children. We have to step out into the road to see if it is clear which is dangerous, especially with young children and unfair on the drivers because they can’t see us trying to cross until it is too late.

Started by: Tamara Straver (On behalf of teachers and parents of Valley End C of E infant school)

This ePetition runs from 04/05/2022 to 02/08/2022.

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