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Holy trinity school (West end) road safety

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Increase the safety of the children that attend Holy trinity school in West end by reducing the danger caused by traffic along Benner lane. This can be achieved by the following: Reducing the speed limit along Benner road from 30mph to 20mph. Installation of a pedestrian zebra crossing at the entrance to the school to allow safe crossing of the road. Installation of speed calming bumps along Benner lane to slow traffic. Repurposing of the unrestricted bay parking outside the school into a school drop off zone.

School drop off and pick up at holy trinity school is having a major impact on the usage and safety of the surrounding roads.

A large number of vehicles use Benner lane during drop off and pick up times. These are both parents and other traffic including large HGVs.

We would like speed safety measures installed in the immediate vicinity of the school to decrease the risk to the children and other pedestrians.

These should include measures to slow traffic down and allow the children to safely cross the busy road.

There are also two large unrestricted parking bays outside the school. These could have restrictions added to them in order to a facilitate a school led, safe and legal drop off zone.

I have created this petition this evening following attendance of a working group involving Mrs Ambrose (head teacher), local councillors and concerned parents.

Started by: Daniel Shevill

This ePetition runs from 24/05/2022 to 22/08/2022.

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