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Safe A22 crossing point for Carlton Road/Danemore Lane bridleway users including children accessing daily school bus services

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to create a safe crossing-point where the well-used bridleway running along Carlton Road and Danemore Lane crosses the A22, just north of Blindley Heath. The presence of a bridleway and the regular daily use by children, adults, horse-riders and cyclists demonstrate that between Carlton Road and Danemore Lane there is an established A22 crossing-point. However there are no road markings or street furniture to support those crossing. Crossing the busy, fast A22 at this established crossing-point is patently dangerous. There are bus stops on either side of the road and adults and children risk injury daily to access bus services including school buses. We petition SCC to assess measures including but not limited to - installing a pedestrian-controlled crossing - reducing the A22 speed limit between north of Tilburstow Hill Road and Byers Lane - installing signage to warn motorists of the hazard ahead and to create without delay a safe crossing point.

The established crossing-point is on a bend in the A22 with restricted visibility. Traffic is fast, frequent-to-constant and unforgiving. There are frequent road traffic accidents at this location as confirmed in SCC's response dated 13/07/2021 to Tandridge planning application TA/21/0272. There is significant risk of injury and death to those crossing.

School children cross daily to access bespoke school bus services to Oxted School and other bus services to other schools. It is common for school children try to cross and to find themselves stranded in the middle of the A22 without protection.

Carlton Road and Danemore Lane provide access to homes, farms and equestrian properties and horse-riders and local cyclists regularly use the crossing-point as an integral part of the bridleway.

Installing a safe A22 crossing-point between Carlton Road and Danemore Lane would create a safe route to school for local children by enabling them to access bus services without risk. It would promote reduction in car use by enabling an elderly local population to access buses throughout the day. It would promote equestrian access to stables and the bridleway network on both sides of the A22 and reduce risks to cyclists.

Mitigating excessive traffic speeds on the restricted-visibility bend in question would reduce risks to motorists of road traffic accidents with vehicles entering and emerging from Tilburstow Hill Road.

A safe crossing-point between Carlton Road and Danemore Lane would not impact A22 traffic throughput since there are in any case lower speed-limit bottlenecks both north and south of the location in question, in the villages of South Godstone and Blindley Heath respectively. Encouraging consistent, lower traffic speeds on the A22 between these villages would bring the environmental advantages associated with less fuel usage and make the road safer and less noisy for residents living on the A22.

Started by: Tony Campion

This ePetition runs from 24/09/2021 to 24/10/2021.

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