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New Parking Charges Surrounding the Great Park

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Aim for the council to reevaluate or dissolve the new charges put in place in the following locations. Englefield Green, - Bagshot Road, TW20 0RS - A30 Crossroads, junction with St Judes Road and Bakenham Lane, TW20 0BP Windsor Great Park, - Blays Lane, from crossing point at the back of Ilex Close to Wick Road, TW20 0PB - Wick Road, parking bay by cul-de-sac, TW20 0HJ. - Wick Road entire length, from A30 to Wick Lane, TW20 0HJ - Wick Lane entire length, from Wick Road to Bishopsgate Road, TW20 OHT - Bishopsgate Road, TW20 0XU - Crimp Hill, TW20 0YB Virginia Water, - A30 London Road junction with A329 Blacknest Road, GU25 4NY - A30 London Road entrance to ACS International School, TW20 0AQ These are a series of places where parking has previously been free and accessible for all. These charges are now being put in place to discourage the selected few from parking on grass verges, but its stopping families, locals and other members outside of the community from vi

Wishing for the council to discuss, reevaluate and potentially revoke the extremely steep parking charges that have now been put in place around the local area. These charges are for spaces that have previously been free and accessible for all. After asking online, it seems that no one is happy about the new charges being implemented, and have been asked to raise these concerns with local represent ivies. I understand not everyone has the time or energy to email their local representative individually, so this petition is a quick and easy way for people to express and back their views and disagreement with the new charges put in place. With enough signatures it should express the upset to the committee when they meet to discuss these kinds of issues, with hope that the appropriate action be taken to evaluate the situation.

As well as the charge, there are also a variety of other issues raised from charging for these spaces.
From the sign postage put up in the new spaces, not only are visitors being charged for the spaces, the council is now requesting cars be parked parallel, not at the head on angle it currently is.
This is limiting the amount of people that can drive to explore the local area and the Great parks.
Mothers and fathers are already expressing concern on how this stops them from taking their children to activities like scouts or football, and mothers are questionings how they will be able to afford to take their children to the Great park in summer like they have for years.
These are just a few of many reasons as to why the council should revoke or reevaluate the parking charges they are trying to put in place.

Started by: Mia Cockayne

On reaching 200 signatures a full council debate will be held.

This ePetition ran from 21/06/2022 to 31/08/2022 and has now finished.

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