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traffic calming measures in Woodhatch ('rat-run' from A217 to Woodhatch Road'

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Introduce calming measures to slow or reduce the number of vehicles using the route of Lonesome Lane to Lynn Walk to Vevers Road as a 'rat-run/cut-through'. The number of vehicles using this route has been independently recorded in excess of 300 (8am -9am) every day over the course of a whole week which is excessive for a small residential road to try and cope with. The local area is used by 4 different schools so there are many children, parents and families who are at risk from speeding vehicles. Near misses between speeding cars and children crossing have been witnessed almost every day. Traffic jams also are a frequent occurrence which require local residents to sort out as drivers won't 'back-up/give-way' to traffic in the opposite direction. Measures need to be introduced before a tragic accident involving speeding vehicles and pedestrians/children happens. These measures could include: a full or partial one-way system or extending the curb on the corner of Lonesome Lane and Lynn

Almost all residents on the roads mentioned and the surrounding roads have expressed their desire to make the roads slower and calmer and therefore safer.
Cathering Baart (Surrey County Council) has expressed her agreement.
Councillors Chandler & King have also been made aware of the situation and Councillor King agreed that something needs to be done.

Started by: Russell Barling

This ePetition runs from 23/10/2022 to 22/02/2023.

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