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Elmbr: Introduce a 20MPH Speed limit in Long Ditton

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Introduce a 20MPH Speed limit in Long Ditton. Particularly on Ditton Hill Road, Ewell Road and Sugden Road where the entrances to Long Ditton Infant School and Long Ditton Saint Mary’s Junior School are located.

Parents and teachers at both schools, and other local residents are getting increasingly concerned about the speed cars travel in the Long Ditton Village area. There have been a number of “near miss” incidents outside the Junior school since the return to school in September and we would like to see a reduced speed zone implemented before a serious accident happens.

The key areas that cause concern are:

Ewell Road: from where it joins Thorkhill Road past Long Ditton recreation ground, through the railway bridge and up to the roundabout outside Manny’s.
Sugden Road: from the roundabout at the bottom of Fleece Road to just after the entrance to Surbiton Hockey Club.
Ditton Hill Road: from the bottom of the hill at the cross junction with St Mary’s Road and Church Road along Ditton Hill to the roundabout.

Specific Concerns:
Residents on Thorkhill Road have expressed concern at the speed motorists take the corner from Ewell on Thorkhill.

The corner on Ewell Road just before Rushett Road is a terrible blind spot, particularly for parents with young children crossing over to the park. Cars come from Effingham Road, or from under the bridge far too fast around that corner.

Motorists also speed up to get through the railway bridge. This is of great concern considering this is directly outside the Junior School and there is little signage to highlight there is a school nearby.

The St Marys Road, Church Road and Ditton Hill crossroads is already a notorious accident hotspot so reducing the speed coming down Ditton Hill would help reduce accidents in this area.

Now that both schools no longer have the Lollipop People assistance and we are relying on motorists skills for the pedestrian crossings, a slower speed zone would greatly impact the safety of our residents, especially considering the pedestrian crossing on Ditton Hill Road is after a bend, again with no warning of it being a school zone.

We ask that the safety of our children and all local residents is prioritised and a 20MPH speed limit is implemented.

Started by: E Sims

This ePetition runs from 05/10/2021 to 15/11/2021.

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