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Urgent need for traffic calming measures on Northey Ave, Cheam.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to install measures such as speed bumps, a 20mph speed limit and clear speed limit signage and a pedestrian crossing along Northey Avenue (from the Sandy Lane junction to the A232 roundabout) to prevent further accidents or fatalities.

Accidents on this stretch of road are relatively frequent, but Surrey County Council has deemed that collision data does not warrant any action. It's unacceptable, in an area where there are so many school grounds, churches and homes, that we have to wait for a 'high enough' number of serious casualties or fatalities from road accidents before any measures will be taken to preserve the safety of pedestrians and responsible motorists.

We need speed bumps and clear speed signage, and a permanent crossing near the junction with Harefield Avenue to keep children heading to and from school safe. With no measures currently in place, vehicles speed down this part of Northey Avenue through the day and night, causing accidents (upturned cars, collisions with parked vehicles, etc.), disruption, and damage to residents' property, all of which could be easily avoided. At the Sutton end of Northey Avenue, there has been acknowledgement of this problem and speed bumps and signage have been installed, resulting in fewer accidents than on our stretch of the same road.

Started by: Larissa Stock

This ePetition runs from 24/07/2023 to 31/12/2023.

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