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Traffic calming measures. Surrey Heath.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Provide traffic calming measures to increase safety, reduce risk and prevent crime in select areas of Surrey Heath. • Mytchett Road • Coleford Bridge Road • Sturt Road • Hamesmoor Road

There has been consistent local demand for traffic calming measures in the mytchett and frimley green area over the past decade.

Particularly in the roads highlighted; which experience a large degree of speeding, unsafe driving and accidents. On Hamesmoor road in particular, this occurs directly outside a school, putting children at immediate risk.

Action must be taken to improve the safety of these roads which are most often dangerously congested. And when they are not, they have become a hotbed of crime and road traffic offenses.

This is because they are long and straight - with no effective traffic calming measures.

I therefore emplore the council to investigate and take action, honoring the strong local demand to make our roads safe again.

Started by: Carl Eckett

This ePetition runs from 07/08/2023 to 05/11/2023.

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