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Remove bus lane from A320 Woking road approaching Guildford

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Remove the bus lane between the A320 Woking Road roundabout and the Stoke crossroads approaching Guildford.

The justification for this petition is the fact that it is very poorly thought out having a bus lane on a road whereby a significant amount of traffic is passing. One lane effectively emerges into five lanes. If you include all the lanes approaching the Stoke crossroads and the exit to the A3. Having a bus lane whereby, there is almost continuous queueing during rush-hours and traffic now regularly backs up way down the A320 makes no sense at all. Secondly, the bus lane ends just before the Stoke crossroads and therefore the buses have to merge into the traffic anyway crossing multiple lanes with traffic, and creating further problems.

While bus lanes do make sense in certain locations where there is a high volume of bus routes and regular stopping due to regular bus stops. In this instance, there is only one bus stop along the bus lane route and yet traffic has to filter into multiple lanes, including the slip road for the A3. This significantly increases the volume of traffic and outweighs any time saved for buses.

Started by: James Hughes

This ePetition runs from 30/09/2023 to 21/12/2023.

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