Cabinet Member

Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Statutory Responsibilities


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Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Statutory Responsibilities

Mr David Hodge


Deliver corporate policy, financial and strategic leadership


Cabinet Member Decisons - Meeting dates, agendas and decisions

Portfolio responsibilities:


·                To have principal accountability for the overall political and policy direction of the County Council


·                To have principal accountability for the revenue and capital funding of the Council- including the setting of annual Council Tax levy


·                Chair meetings of the Cabinet and oversee the preparation of business for its consideration


·                Lead the Council’s Innovation  & Delivery agenda


·                To be the principal spokesperson in discussions with Government Departments, Local Government Organisations, Regional bodies, CCN, District and Boroughs, Surrey Police, NHS, South East 7, Surrey Leaders Group and Surrey MPs


·                Support Cabinet Members  and Cabinet Associates in their specific roles to improve the outcomes for all residents, business, voluntary and educational sectors in Surrey


·                Oversee the communication strategy of SCC


·                To have oversight of all major contracts and authorisation on behalf of SCC


·                The principal authority to employ any person to a post evaluated with a pay band in excess of £100,000 and consultants on contracts over £50,000


·                To be the final arbitrator for expenditure against the agreed Community Improvement Fund criteria


·                Determine the membership of any SCC Trading Company or joint venture company


·                Attend Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Audit & Governance Committee at the request of the relevant Chairman


·                Lead the ‘One Team’ concept


·                To have responsibility for ensuring that the equality implications of changes to services covered by the portfolio are fully considered during decision-making


·                Act as lead Cabinet Member for the Statutory Responsibilities network