Agenda and draft minutes

Surrey Civilian-Military Partnership Board - Thursday, 23 March 2017 10.00 am


Contact: Sarah Goodman 

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Welcome and Apologies

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    The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for all their work and support to implement the Covenant in Surrey during her time as Chairman of the Surrey Civilian Military Partnership Board which she had greatly enjoyed. It was noted that it was Col Barr’s last meeting before he moves to Kuwait on promotion, and the Chairman thanked and congratulated him and wished him well in his new role.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising (attached) pdf icon PDF 174 KB

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    ·         Armed Forces Employability Pathway

    ·         SCC Gold Employer Recognition – Publicity

    ·         Emergency Services

    ·         QinetiQ Conference

    ·         Cadets (attached)

    Additional documents:


    Armed Forces Employability Pathway – It was noted that there are not enough NEET over 18 years to proceed but officers have been working with 11 Brigade to see whether it is possible to link any Surrey NEETs to courses in neighbouring authorities.

    Links have been made between Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and Surrey History Centre in order to produce a display within the sports pavilion.

    Surrey’s Gold Employer Recognition award was highlighted in an article in Surrey Chambers Newsletter as well as articles in two consecutive six monthly reports from the SCC Chief Executive. The press release that went out at the time was picked up in a number of local papers. 

    One Stop Surrey forms are promoted by the Fire Service which asks the question ‘Have you served?’

    Domestic Abuse – SCC Community Safety Manager will be invited to attend a future meeting of the Community Integration Task Group.

    QinetiQ Conference – not being progressed at this time


    ·         Ash Manor School was successful in its application for a CCF, which is due to be operational by September 2017. 

    ·         Collingwood - Expression of Interest needs to come from the school – Mark Scarborough – Area Education Officer will have initial discussion with school. SERFCA can give advice, but can only take forward CCFs if directed by DfE.

    ·         Recruiting to the Army is carried out through Capita. They do not recruit directly from Cadets.

    ·         Surrey Police has just established three contingents of Police Cadets.  The PCC is linking in with the Joint Services Cadet Youth Committee.

    ·         It was noted that it would be worth promoting the Cadet experience to people going through the YES (Youth Engagement Scheme run by Fire and Rescue).


Presentation on the role of ATC (Pirbright) and the Welfare Unit

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    Major Carol Miller MBE gave a presentation on the role of the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, who deliver directed, challenging, progressive and safe training for both Regular and Reserve personnel in Phase 1 training. The Training Centre is due to grow by a third again once the Welsh Guards move out in 2019.


    The Welfare Officer is the first port of call for support and can signpost on to other sources, both military and civilian.


    Armed Forces Champions and the SCMPB would be welcomed at a future Pass Out Parade. Action: PB to link with DG and Pirbright.


    The Chairman thanked Major Miller for her very interesting presentation.


Welfare Issues Across Surrey Units and Bases

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    Peter Bruinvels reported on a recent meeting of Welfare Officers from Regular and Reserve Units across Surrey.

    Key points raised included:

    ·         Units in Surrey are very well supported, but there can be a lack of family support if the unit is not local.

    ·         A large proportion of children have special needs. Action: SCC to check with Education as to why this is

    ·         Essential to manage expectations of the Covenant amongst the armed forces community.

    ·         Families don’t always live on their local base. Units accessing civilian services across local authority borders can cause issues, such as in RMA Sandhurst.

    ·         The military are trying to encourage families to find their own solutions so as not to create a culture of dependence.


    During discussion it was noted that we need to ensure that the families of Reservists are aware that they can access support from Service Charities. It was also noted that some Welfare Officers are not highly trained, so may benefit from some training in sources of support available if new in post.


11 Brigade Update

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    ·         11 Brigade Priorities

    ·         Army Refine 2020

    ·         11 Brigade Task Force Commanders and Armed Forces Champion Briefing - Implications for Surrey


    On behalf of the SCMPB, Col Barr thanked the Chairman for her Leadership of the Board during her time as Chairman.


    It was noted that under Army Refine 2020 all the Task Force Commanders in Surrey will change:

    ·         Welsh Guards will move to Windsor in 2019

    ·         22 Field Hospital will move to Nuneaton and 4 Armd Med Regt will move to Tidworth in 2020/21

    ·         27RLC will move to Catterick in 2019.

    ·         Aldershot will become a centre for specialised Infantry groups

    ·         4PWRR will become a new Battalion based in Redhill, which will subsume 3PWRR.


    Armed Forces Champions will be needed to help bed in successor Task Force Commanders (TFC).  It was agreed that it would be helpful for a TFC Toolkit to be developed Action: Karen Webster/Peter Bruinvels.


    A concern was raised regarding the increasing demand on Cadets for fundraising by service charities. 11 Brigade will look to see how this could be broadened out, to potentially use Sword Company. Would it be possible to make fundraising more fun by perhaps putting together a training programme at Pirbright and getting sponsorship? The Cadet Training Centre in Frimley could get involved.  Action: PB to explore.


    11 Brigade is working closely with Woking High School on a 5 week programme of resilience based on Army values and standards. This will be rolled out if successful.


SCMPB Achievements and Update pdf icon PDF 597 KB

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    ·         Recognise and Remember Task Group

    o   War Memorial Photograph Initiative


    ·         Community Integration Task Group


    ·         Successes 2016/17 (attached)

    o   Surrey Armed Forces Covenant Conference 2016

    o   SCC Gold Employer Recognition Award

    o   Case Studies (attached)


    ·         Draft 2017/18 Priorities (attached)

    o   South East Cross Border Bid


    ·         National Covenant Conference


    ·         Armed Forces Covenant Fund

    Additional documents:


    Recognise and Remember Task Group


    ·         The action plan has been updated to focus on key actions to be delivered in 2017 including:

    o   Mapping the Great War memorials in the County – the Cadets are being linked in on this

    o   Supporting the Armed Forces Champions

    o   Auditing progress against the aims of the Covenant in Surrey

    o   Supporting and encouraging events during Armed Forces week and Remembrance week and ensuring that events in 2018 are recorded on the website, as well as supporting the two Freedom Parades for ATC Pirbright in Woking on 23 April and Guildford on 24 June and the farewell Service and March in Dorking for Headley Court on 29 September 2017.

    o   Supporting Mole Valley DC as appropriate for the VC 100 in Leatherhead in July 2018


    Community Integration Task Group


    Work is progressing within each of the working groups:



    ·         The group has put in place a quarterly Armed Forces report card which highlights current activity and good practice.

    ·         The website will be updated with information and links to each of the district and borough council housing links.

    ·         Ex-spouses have been considered as a client group, but the group believe that they are generally catered for so are not proposing to take any further action.



    ·         Termly bulletins continue to be circulated to schools

    ·         Continued emphasis on closing the gap in educational attainment for some Service Children

    ·         Promotion of best practice for the use of Service Pupil Premium

    ·         Continue to liaise with Admissions to support Army families.



    ·         The Together for Carers – Memorandum of Understanding agreed by the Board sets out an integrated approach to supporting carers.  

    ·         Military Carers Support Co-ordinator has been appointed by Action for Carers to support service families.

    ·         Carers awareness training has been provided at the MoD Pirbright Medical Centre

    ·         Work is ongoing with the Armed Forces leads within each of the CCGs to provide a co-ordinated response to support the work of the Covenant.

    ·         Virgin Care, who ran SERVES will no longer run the contract.  The new provider is a London based Trust. Action: to report back at the next meeting on the new provider and services provided.



    ·         The Chairman is in the process of reconstituting this group.


    Surrey Armed Forces Covenant Successes 2016/17 was agreed by the Board.  This would be circulated and uploaded onto the Armed Forces website.


    Surrey Armed Forces Covenant Conference 2016 – The conference had received very positive feedback with a good variety of presentations and workshops.  The highlight for many was the Army Sergeant Major.  Feedback requested that the next conference has less on agenda and more time for workshops. The outcomes have been shared with the Task Groups where appropriate.


    Case Study – The case study setting out how the Surrey County Council Contact Centre has supported an Armed Forces Family following training was welcomed. The Board was keen to develop more as a way of sharing learning.  Surrey case studies have been very well received by MoD Comms  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Employer Engagement and Covenant Signings pdf icon PDF 422 KB

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    ·         OPCC and Surrey Police - Armed Forces Covenant Signing (attached)

    ·         Surrey Businesses being targeted (attached)

    ·         Exercise Hairspring

    Additional documents:


    ·         OPCC and Surrey Police – The Board congratulated Surrey Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for signing the Armed Forces Covenant which they would use as a springboard to take forward their work supporting the Armed Forces Community.


    ·         SERFCA Update – Col Crowley tabled three papers updating on the work of SERFCA, Reserve Units and Cadets (attached).  SERFCA are taking a more intelligent approach to targeting key Surrey Businesses to engage with. The Board was asked for their support in making and building on links within these companies. 


    A new 4PWRR HQ was being formed in September 2017 which was welcomed by the Board.


    A very successful business breakfast meeting was hosted at the Runnymede Hotel with Phillip Hammond MP.  There was a very strong presentation given by 11 Brigade on the benefits of employing Reservists which was welcomed by local businesses.


    Surrey Chambers updated on a recent CSR Forum at which Skanska gave an excellent presentation on their support to the Armed Forces Community to a number of Surrey businesses which was very well received.


    Brooklands College has been working to recruit ex-military.


    ·         Exercise Hairspring – As a result of the Gold Employer Recognition Award, thanks to SERFCA, Surrey County Council was given the opportunity to be hosted by the Ministry of Defence to witness the training undertaken by the Royal Marines in Norway to gain first hand insight into the military out in the field to further support our work in Surrey. The Board received a presentation on this opportunity.


Surrey Fire and Rescue update

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    Update given during items above where appropriate.



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    ·         Council Tax single occupier discount for spouses of personnel serving away from home


    A letter had been received by the Chairman requesting Council Tax single occupier discount for spouses of personnel serving away from home.  The Board discussed the issue and agreed that it should be referred to the Surrey Chief Executives for them to consider a consistent approach.


    Brig Evans formally acknowledged, on behalf of the Board the outstanding contribution that Sally Marks had made to the work implementing the Covenant in Surrey with her incredible enthusiasm, commitment and passion for the role. Many key successes had been achieved under her Chairmanship including the Gold Award, the relationship between Task Force Commanders and Armed Forces Champions, the annual conference, successful Surrey grants, the cross border work and the great reputation that Surrey has gained. The Board thanked Sally for everything she has done and wished Sally well in her next steps



Date of next meeting

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    10am – 12pm on Wednesday 11 October 2017 (venue TBC)


    The next meeting would be held from 10am – 12pm on Wednesday 11 October 2017 (venue subsequently confirmed as 256 Field Hospital, Kingston).