Agenda and decisions

Cabinet Member for Highways Decisions - Tuesday, 3 September 2019 4.30 pm

Venue: Members' Conference Room, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2DN

Contact: Ben Cullimore  020 8213 2782

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    All Members present are required to declare, at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter:


          i.        Any disclosable pecuniary interests and / or

         ii.        Other interests arising under the Code of Conduct in respect of any item(s) of business being considered at this meeting




    ·         Members are reminded that they must not participate in any item where they have a disclosable pecuniary interest

    ·         As well as an interest of the Member, this includes any interest, of which the Member is aware, that relates to the Member’s spouse or civil partner (or any person with whom the Member is living as a spouse or civil partner)

    ·         Members with a significant personal interest may participate in the discussion and vote on that matter unless that interest could be reasonably regarded as prejudicial



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Members' Questions

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    The deadline for Members’ questions is 12pm four working days before the meeting (Wednesday 28 August 2019).



Public Questions

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    The deadline for public questions is seven days before the meeting (Tuesday 27 August 2019).



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    The deadline for petitions was 14 days before the meeting and none have been received.



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    In line with the requirements of the ‘Setting Local Speed Limits’ policy agreed by Cabinet, the Cabinet Member is asked to determine whether to endorse the decision of Tandridge Local Committee on 1 March 2019 or proceed with progressing the changes to the speed limits proposed by Highways.

    Additional documents:


    The following recommendations were approved:


    1.    Noted the results of the speed limit assessments carried out on the A25 between Godstone and the Tandridge boundary.


    2.    Agreed that, based upon the evidence, the speed limit be increased from 30mph to 40mph in the section of the A25, Godstone Road between the existing 30mph speed limit terminal signs in line with the property boundary between 14 Sunnybank Villas and Waterhouse Villa and a point 15m north-east of the north-eastern building line of the property Avalon; in the un-named service road fronting the properties Laburnums, Tall Trees Moorings, Dormers and Longacre; and in the un-named service road fronting the properties Somerstone, Pennyacre, Tonbridge and Waterhouse Villa and nos. 9-14 Sunnybank Villas, in accordance with Surrey’s policy ‘Setting Local Speed Limits’.




    Decrease the speed limit on the following roads from 50mph to 40mph to comply with all expert advice, in accordance with Surrey County Council’s ‘Setting Local Speed Limits’ policy:


    A25, Bletchingley Road, Godstone between the existing 30mph speed limit terminal signs at Godstone in line with property boundary between Priority Gates and 14 The Priory and a point 100m south-west of the junction with North Park Lane.


    The un-named service road fronting the properties Tulip House and no. 1 Ivy House Cottages.


    3.    Authorised the advertisement of a notice in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to implement the proposed speed limit change, revoke any existing traffic orders necessary to implement the change, and, subject to no objections being upheld, that the order be made.


    4.    Authorised delegation of authority to the Area Highway Manager in consultation with the Tandridge Local Committee Chairman, and the local divisional Member who is also the Vice-Chairman of the Tandridge Local Committee and the Cabinet Member for Highways, to resolve any objections received in connection with the proposal.