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Audit and Governance Committee

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Information about Audit and Governance Committee

Surrey County Council established its Audit and Governance Committee in 2002. 


The Council recognises the importance of undertaking adequate scrutiny of the management of the internal control systems and the Audit and Governance Committee creates an environment in which audit, governance and financial accounts matters can be considered without having to compete for priority alongside other matters.


The Audit and Governance Committee's remit includes:


·         risk management

·         corporate governance

·         internal and external audit

·         treasury management

·         consideration and approval of the annual statement of accounts of the County Council and the Surrey Pension Fund

·         the operation of the Members’ Code of Conduct


The Council's Constitution, under the Scheme of Delegation, sets out the terms of reference for the Committee, detailing its remit in greater detail. 


The ‘standard’ committee diary provides for six meetings a year and additional meetings are occasionally required for a specific purpose.


The timings of the meetings are designed to enable key items of business to be dealt with at the most appropriate time.