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Spelthorne Joint Committee

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Information about Spelthorne Joint Committee

Please note that due to the national situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, all future meetings of this committee will be taking place remotely until they can be reconvened physically. You can view the live event by clicking on the link on the meeting page. All meeting papers, decision sheets and minutes will still be available on the council’s website.



Spelthorne Joint Committee was established on 23 January 2017 as a committee of Surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council. The Committee is responsible for a number of areas previously considered under the former Surrey County Council Local Committee, as well as a number of new areas previously under the remit of Spelthorne Borough Council. The committee welcomes all Spelthorne residents to attend, listen and where appropriate ask questions. The committee is interested in your views to work together to make Spelthorne a better place to live, study and work. Spelthorne Joint Committee is made up of seven county councillors who represent each of the divisions within the borough and seven members from Spelthorne Borough Council. They discuss and make decisions on issues such as education, young people, transportation and highway improvements. More information on the committee can be found at