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Spelthorne Joint Committee

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Information about Spelthorne Joint Committee

Surrey County Council’s Joint Committee in Spelthorne meets in the Spelthorne Borough Council Chamber in Staines. The Committee is made up of the seven county councillors who represent each of the divisions within the borough and seven members from Spelthorne Borough Council.


The committee welcomes all residents to attend and listen the discussion, and you can view webcasts of the previous meetings, and read the minutes of the decisions made, and read the reports that were considered. You can also have a look at the meetings that are held by the borough council in Spelthorne.


There is also the opportunity to participate by asking questions at the committee on local topics or submitting a petition. Before you consider whether to engage through this route, please investigate whether your query or concern could be addressed through either one of the Council’s online reporting tools or through contacting one of the Council’s dedicated service response teams as this will enable you to get a response within 28 days and you will not have to wait until the next appropriate meeting for the response to your question. The Committee Manager will happily give you guidance about whether this is the most effective way to get an answer to your concern or signpost you to an alternative approach.


There is always lots going on, and you can have your say through surveys and consultations or local conversations – these might be about local issues, or bigger Surrey-wide policies. Have a look and have your say!