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Strategic Investment Board

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Information about Strategic Investment Board

Please note that due to the national situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, all future meetings of this committee will be taking place informally and remotely until such time when they can be reconvened in person. As a result the public will not be able to attend however, all meeting papers, decision sheets and minutes will still be available on the council’s website.


This replaces the Shareholder Board and Investment Board.


The Board will:


 (a)      approve the allotment of further shares in a Company (whether

to third party shareholders or the Council)

 (b)      periodically evaluate financial performance of a Company

 (c)       approve the strategic direction of a Company

 (c)       approve the sale of the Council’s investment in a company

 (d)      agree capital or revenue investments of £1m and above proposed by a Company

 (e)      consider any recommendation from Company Directors to cease


(f)        report to the Council annually on trading activity

(g)       consider and approve business case proposals concerning the use of the Council’s landholdings that contribute to the delivery of the Council’s investment strategy

(h)       approve all property investment acquisitions or disposals (unless law requires full council approval)

(i)         approve investment property asset management expenditure of £1m and above

(j)         approve the provision of finance to the Council’s wholly owned

property company, Halsey Garten Property Ltd

(k)        approve the strategic management of the overall portfolio to

ensure a balanced portfolio is maintained

(l)         approve non-property investments.