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Information about Surrey Forum

The Surrey Forum is a multi-agency partnership set up to provide strong and visible leadership for Surrey and realise the full economic, social, and environmental potential of the county. The forum brings together partners from Surrey County Council, district and borough councils, local authorities, the business community, higher and further education, and the voluntary community and faith sector (VCFS). It complements existing partnerships and enables partners to better co-ordinate, align and collaborate as the county emerges from Covid-19. The Surrey Forum meets on a quarterly basis. 




·         Ensure that residents’ priorities, needs and aspirations are the primary drivers with associated decision making, 


·         Promote and drive the delivery of the Community Vision for Surrey 2030 and in due course refreshing and revising the Vision to a 2050 timeframe, 


·         Provide direction to, oversight of, and assurance for other strategic partnerships, including e.g. Health and Wellbeing Board, One Surrey Growth Board, Surrey Place Ambition, Greener Futures Board and ensure collective focus on cross cutting risks and issues, 


·         Ensure that, as far as is possible, the strategic objectives, plans and resources are aligned with the priorities and desired outcomes of the Community Vision for Surrey 2030, 


·         Explore and adopt new ways of working across the county to deliver the best outcomes that are financially sustainable  


·         Bring together intelligence, expertise, information, data and best practice to maximise beneficial economic, social and environmental opportunities 


·         Guide work with Government departments and organisations, agencies and bodies beyond Surrey to achieve shared economic, social and environmental objectives 


·         Individually and collectively undertake an ambassadorial role for the County and actively promote Surrey outside its boundaries