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To answer any questions from residents or businesses within the Tandridge District area in accordance with Standing Order 69. Notice should be given in writing or by email to the Community Partnership and Committee Officer by 12 noon four working days before the meeting.


Three formal public questions were received. The written responses are attached to the minutes as Appendix B.


Question 1


Ann Osborne and two children from Limpsfield C of E infant school presented their question to the Local Committee.  The school previously attended the committee’s meeting in March 2014 with a petition of 160 signatures asking for the speed limit on the A25 Westerham Road outside their school to be reduced.  At this meeting, the children asked for an update on the situation.


The Area Highways Manager responded that she understood the situation, but that Surrey Police have advised that the physical environment must change for drivers to change their speed because 30mph signs on their own are not be enough to change the speed of traffic. 


The Chairman advised that the Committee completely agreed with the children but said that the current rules say that the speed limit cannot be changed.  The Committee agreed they would appeal to the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Flooding to make an exception and look at putting in a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS). 


Ms Osborne stated that should the two lollipop ladies leave then there would be no other means of slowing down the traffic.  She asked how long the process would take should the Cabinet Member agree to the exception.  The Area Highways Manager advised that the process could take up to 9 months from the time it was referred to the Cabinet Member.


Mr Skellett advised that the Committee would do their upmost to push through a speed limit reduction to 30mph on this section of the A25 Westerham Road.  Mrs Marks commented that she would support a formal question, should it be asked at Cabinet.


Question 2


Sue Batley and Sarah North asked on behalf of ‘Parents Against Closure of Hurst Green Children’s Centre’ if the Committee would support them in campaigning against any proposed closure of the children’s centre.  Ms Batley a volunteer at the centre felt that it was not logical to close a cost effective centre. 


Mr Skellett advised that the Local Committee was very supportive of the children’s centre and will continue to promote this message with the aim of avoiding closure.  He highlighted that the written response was from officers and provides the facts.  Mr Skellett agreed that it was appalling to have a list for closure before a consultation.


The Committee agreed that the Chairman would write another letter to Cabinet expressing their concern, and that staff do not feel they can speak openly about their concerns.


Question 3


Mr and Mrs Lewis had submitted a written question asking for the introduction of a safe crossing point on West Hill Bank. The Chairman referred Mrs Lewis to the written response. Mrs Lewis then asked the committee how a wheelchair user should cross the road at this point on the A25.


The Area Highways Manager agreed it is very difficult for the residents in this area to cross the road, as there is no footway on the south side. Pedestrians have limited visibility as cars come over the hill.  The narrow road width means it is not possible to put in a footpath. No developer funding is available to fund any improvements. The Police report advised that crossing the A25 at this point  is not safe for any pedestrian, whether in a wheelchair or on foot,  and that by putting in a dropped kerb it would be implying that it was a preferred crossing point.   The Officer suggested that as the Divisional Member has supported the accessible play equipment in Master Park the possibility of marking out a parking bay in the Master Park car park could be investigated.


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