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To answer any questions from residents or businesses within the Tandridge District area in accordance with Standing Order 69. Notice should be given in writing or by email to the Community Partnership and Committee Officer by 12 noon four working days before the meeting.


Questions and responses will be provided at the meeting.


6 formal public questions were received. Questions and responses were tabled at the meeting.


The Chairman permitted District Councillor Mr Pat Cannon to ask a question informally at the meeting.


1)    Parish Councillor Stephen Blunden – pedestrian safety on Wolf’s Hill


The Chairman referred Mr Blunden to the response, and to the drawing of the proposed scheme that was tabled at the meeting. The Chairman acknowledged that the road was narrow and on a bend.


Mr Blunden was pleased to see that the council had proposed a scheme. He stated that as a daily user of the road, he has serious concerns about pedestrian safety, and while the proposed scheme is a welcome development, he would like to see additional measures to slow the traffic down, and asked why a 20mph limit could not be put in place. Anita Guy, Principal Highway Maintenance Engineer stated that in order to comply with Surrey’s speed limit policy, average speeds would need to be 24mph or less for a signed only 20mph speed limit to be effective. Therefore traffic calming measures would need to be installed to ensure drivers complied with a 20mph speed limit. However, the narrow road and lack of street lighting mean it is not possible to put in traffic calming measures. 


Parish and District Councillor Mrs Liz Parker stated that there is a light, but it is covered with foliage, and that with a new development of 172 homes in Hurst Green, improvements to this road are necessary. Mrs Parker had concerns that the proposed hatching could make the road narrower, and potentially add to the risks.


The Chairman acknowledged the complexities around making improvements for pedestrians on this road, but agreed that it does need looking at. He proposed to discuss with the district and parish councils once the results of the road safety audit are known. The scheme will be put onto the ITS list, for review with the Parish Council.


2)    Mr Mike Clark – congestion on Croydon Road Caterham


The Chairman referred Mr Clark to the written response.


Mr Clark asked whether there would be any funding for a review of the road design next year. He stated that, in his view, the road is unsafe. The parking issues and the road design itself results in the road becoming effectively a single lane, and that as a result it is unacceptable as a main road into Caterham. He argued that what was needed was more than a look at parking.


Mrs Marks acknowledged Mr Clark’s concerns. For residents along this road, having somewhere to park is a key concern. Drivers need to drive carefully and safely.  Given that the road is the main route into Caterham, Mrs Marks agreed that the road does need looking at.


The Area Highway Manager stated that no complaints had been received from bus operators about congestion in the area, and invited Mr Clark to offer his support through the Parish Council, who would welcome his suggestions, particularly if they are applying for funds from the District Council through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).


The committee agreed to highlight this road when assessing schemes for future years at the next informal meeting of the committee.


3)    Chairman of Dormansland Parish Council, Peter Holgate – redirecting HGVs away from unsuitable roads


Chairman of the Parish Council Peter Holgate was unable to attend. The Chairman confirmed that the written response had been sent to him. Mr Sydney requested an update from the Transport Planning Engineer on progress since the Parish Council brought the petition in 2013.


4)    Nutfield Parish Council – Mid Street speed limit


The Parish Council were unable to attend the meeting. The Chairman confirmed that the written response had been sent to them.


Mrs Windsor was very disappointed that the results of the speed survey were so close to meeting the policy threshold, and said that it seems to be cars travelling outside of school drop-off and pick-up times that have increased the average speeds.


The Road Safety and Traffic Management Officer, Surrey Police, agreed to meet with Mrs Windsor and the Parish Council to discuss the results.


5)    Woldingham Parish Councillor Mr Rodney Fuller – Titsey Hill, hedges and road sweeping in Woldingham


Mr Fuller was unable to attend. The Chairman confirmed that the written response had been sent.


Mrs Marks stated that residents can view the road sweeping timetable on the District Council’s website.


6)    Whyteleafe Village Council – Gully clearance


The Village Council were unable to attend. The Chairman confirmed that the written response had been sent to them.


Mrs Marks stated that the gullies on Godstone Road, Whyteleafe need to be categorised as high risk. The road has suffered horrendous flooding, and yet adjacent gullies have been designated as medium risk. Mrs Marks has previously been assured by Highways that gullies had been cleared, only to find that the contractor had not actually done the work. The gully categorisation for this area needs looking at again – the response to the Village Council is inadequate.


The Chairman proposed to write to the county council’s Cabinet to complain about the local prioritisation of gullies, express unhappiness with the centralisation of this service and request that the Committee look for a local contractor for additional gully clearing. Mrs Windsor seconded this proposal. In previous years, the Local Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman had flexible use of funds and had been able to bring in contractors to do additional clearance. The Chairman acknowledged the awful ramifications for residents, of being flooded, and was clear that the issue of gully clearance in this area needed to be resolved urgently.


The Area Highway Manager acknowledged the committee’s frustrations. There had been issues with the contract for gully clearing in the past. A new gully cleansing auditing process has been brought in to try and address this. The categorisation process was approved by Cabinet as part of the asset strategy, and there is the ability to promote local roads within this.


7)    District Councillor Mr Pat Cannon - Rook Lane, Chaldon


The Chairman invited District Councillor Mr Pat Cannon to ask a question informally.


Mr Cannon requested measures to reduce speed and provide a crossing on Rook Lane, Chaldon, where he said there have been several near misses and minor accidents. The Senior Traffic Engineer, stated that the road was too narrow for a pedestrian island, but agreed to undertake a speed survey. She noted that there was no funding at present for a pedestrian crossing. She confirmed the speed survey will show the volumes of traffic as well, and agreed to share the full results with Mr Cannon.



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