Agenda item


To receive a verbal update from the Board’s Task and Member Reference Groups.


Key points raised during the discussion:


  1. The Chairman indicated the Basingstoke Canal was listed on today’s agenda and advised that an update would be shared at item 11.


  1. It was noted that the Countryside Management Member Reference Group would meet in January 2017, following the Board meeting on 12 January.


  1. In the Mr Wilson’s absence, the Customer Service Excellence Member Reference Group reported that Highways and Transport were continuing to address the partial compliances identified during the last assessment, the Champions network was gathering information on how their areas of service were utilising feedback and benchmarking data. In addition work was ongoing to ensure recruitment and induction processes were embedded. A new customer service course for Highways and Transport staff was being developed using real examples to demonstrate good and bad behaviour. The course would be delivered by volunteers across the service and roll out will commence in the New Year.


  1. Following input from the MRG, a new weekly Highways bulletin has been launched and the service would welcome feedback from Members. The Customer Service Excellence MRG had also visited the Contact Centre and received an update on how they were working with Highways to deliver improvements for customers.


  1. The Chairman commended Councillor Richard Wilson for his continuous hard work.


  1. The Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Flooding suggested to the Board that the Finance Sub group, Highways MRG, Local Transport Review MRG and the Waste Local Plan MRG organise a meeting, post 15 January 2017 to ensure everyone understands what the financial situation is.


  1. In terms of the Finance Sub-Group, the Chairman reported that the Sub-Group did not prepare any recommendations in their last meeting, however requested Officers to provide a list of areas of possible savings for Environment and Planning and Highways and Transport with weightings attached to each area of saving. The Board noted that the Finance Sub-Group would potentially meet in January 2017, when the financial situation would be clearer.


  1. It was noted that the Highways for the Future Member Reference Group had not recently met, however looked forward to working with Lucy Monie, the new head of Highways and Transport.


  1. The Waste Local Plan Member Reference Group spokesperson stated that the MRG had met twice previously and informed the Board that responses from the November Consultation were being collated and would be reviewed in a meeting following on from the Board meeting today.


  1. The Board were informed the Surrey Waste Partnership Future Member Reference Group have met three times and have had discussions around recycling credits and the direction of travel for the service. It was highlighted that four District and Borough authorities had moved towards a co-ownership approach, Mole Valley, Surrey Heath, Elmbridge and Woking and the MRG were anticipating the core functions of SCC to be incorporated into the contract.


  1. The Chairman informed Members the new waste collection contractor for the co-ownership would be Amey and that it was an open invitation for other Boroughs and Districts to get involved and join.