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Presentation from SCC Lead Cabinet Members for People and Place, Tim Oliver and Colin Kemp, on working together with district and borough councils, with a key focus on health and wellbeing.  They will be joined by Sarah Parker, Director of Transformation, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership.


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Officers and members attending: Tim Oliver, SCC Lead Cabinet Member for Place, Sarah Parker, Director of Transformation, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership


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Member discussion –key points


Tim Oliver and Sarah Parker gave a presentation on changes to support the health and wellbeing of residents.  As is well known, the County Council has significant budget pressures, arising from increased costs in adult social care and special educational needs, which account for a significant portion of the budget.  In order to manage cost a process of transformation is underway to focus on early help and prevention, whilst maintaining front line services.  Members have already seen the vision and going forward the County Council will be looking to have a greater understanding of residents priorities and be more transparent.


Only 20% of health needs are influenced by health care, the remaining 80% are influenced by other factors.  In Epsom & Ewell the Social Care team provide support for 1241 adults, this includes 141 carers. This is mainly older people (1030 people) and adults with learning disabilities (211 people).


By 2031 Epsom and Ewell will require 7 additional GPs, 8 additional dentists, 26 additional acute hospital beds and 5 mental health beds.  These figures are some of the highest in any borough.  By 2025, 69 nursing care beds and 63 residential care beds will be needed. This is low when compared to other boroughs.


There are 885 children in need (3.7% of the population), 227 families in need (1% of the population) and 1177 children registered for Free School Meals. These figures are low when compared to other boroughs.


Surrey Heartlands is looking at changing systems so they are not centred around hospitals and integrating with other agencies by joining up computer systems and co-locating staff.


Cllr Baker, Chairman of the Boroughs Health Liaison Panel, raised concern at the proposal for Epsom Hospital to sell surplus land at the hospital to fund refurbishment, when this may be needed for future expansions to meet the needs of a growing population.  The Borough have been working with the hospital to try and influence what may be built on this site to include affordable homes and an Adult Social Care facility.  Hospitals should not be relying on the sale of assets to upgrade facilities as this is not sustainable long term and should be funded from central government budgets.


Whilst the aspirations are good, members were concerned that, given the need for budget savings, they will be unachievable and the public are seeing reductions in service in a number of areas.  The County Council needs to demonstrate its commitment and ability to deliver, to build trust with the public and partners.  There is also a need to focus resources into areas of high need such as the Longmead and Watersedge areas.


It was acknowledged that more needs to be done in the health sector to improve computer systems and allow patients to book and change appointments.  Sarah Parker undertook to raise a current issue where patients at Epsom Hospital are having their appointments changed or cancelled by St Helier and not being notified.


The Committee thanked Tim Oliver and Sarah Parker for the presentation.