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To receive any questions from Surrey County Council electors within the area in accordance with Standing Order 66.


Declarations of Interest: None


Officers attending: Zena Curry, Area Highways Manager (AHM), SCC


Petitions, Public Statements, Questions: The questions and officer responses were provided within the supplementary agenda.


[14.19 Mrs Helyn Clack arrived]


Question 1 was submitted by Cllr Caroline Salmon who attended the meeting and asked the following supplementary question:


I acknowledge there isn’t the money for an average speed camera on this stretch of the A24 but my question asked for an officer opinion on a ‘paint job’ to help improve safety. The figures quoted from are somewhat skewed as for a period of time during the quoted period there were roadworks on the A24 which reduced the road down to one lane, and slowed the traffic. I understand that a cycle route has been commissioned through Beare Green. My question is why has this been done and has the work started on this yet? If not, I would ask the committee to consider reallocating the funds towards some hatching work at this location as the proposed spend on the cycle path seems a lot for something that won’t be used.


The AHM acknowledged that Cllr Salmon’s proposal did have merit but funding couldn’t just be transferred from one scheme to another in such a way as suggested. She added that the local committee could ask that the proposed scheme be added to the Integrated Transport Schemes (ITS) list to see if any future funding could be identified. She added that whilst adding the scheme to the list was the first step, it could still take a long time to progress and be implemented.


The divisional member noted there had always been many concerns over the safety at the Beare Green roundabout and whilst there seemed to be lots of ideas about what could be done, there had never been much discussion.


The Chairman therefore suggested that a site visit was arranged to discuss the possible options. Invitees were to include; Divisional Member, Ward Member, Road Safety Officers, Parish Council Clerk, Representative from the Cycle Forum and an Officer from the SE Area Highways Team.


Question 2 was submitted by Mr Andrew Matthews who attended the meeting and asked the following supplementary question:


Since submitting my question I have this week witnessed two cars jumping the red lights at this junction. Is someone able to monitor the situation and enforce if necessary so we can build up a case to get the junction improved?


The AHM stated that enforcement was a matter for the Police and that adding cameras to monitor was not something the highways team were able to do in Surrey.


Question 3 was submitted by Mr Tim Waller. A revised response from officers had been provided and was tabled at the meeting. This revised response is attached as Annex B to these minutes.


Mr Waller attend the meeting and made the following comment:


This is a long standing issue where so far no credible action has taken place. This is a real hazard that needs to be addressed urgently.


Question 4 was submitted by Mr Roy Welch who attended the meeting and asked the following supplementary question:


There is no signage for people exiting the 50mph A24 to tell them to slow down. What can be done about this?


The AHM responded, saying that as Mr Welch’s road was private it wasn’t possible for Surrey Highways to put any signs up and the sign requested by Mr Welch wasn’t possible to install in this location anyway. She noted that previously there had been a keep left sign at this location that had been vandalised and removed. The Traffic Engineer had noted this and had added to the system that a replacement should be ordered.


Question 5 was submitted by Cllr Paul Kennedy who attended the meeting and asked the following supplementary question:


I had hoped for a response along the lines of monitoring the performance at the Leatherhead Recycling Centre but in paragraph two the response offers examples of what measures could be taken to minimise delays. Are these suggestions ones that have been implemented?


No officer was present at the meeting to respond directly to this question. A written response would be provided to Cllr Kennedy outside the meeting.


Question 6 was submitted by Paula Dale, Capel Parish Council who did not attend the meeting nor submit a supplementary question.



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