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To inform the Local Committee on the outcome of the 2018/19 Integrated Transport Scheme (ITS) and highway maintenance programmes in Tandridge.


(Report and 3 Annexes attached)


Declarations of interest: None


Officer attending: Zena Curry, Area Highways Manager


Petition, Public Question, Statements: None


The Area Highways Manager welcomed questions on the report.


Members Key Points:


1)    The yellow lining for the parking restrictions are disappearing, due to the weather conditions when they were painted.  It requested that the contractor re-attend to rectify at no additional cost to Surrey.   

2)    It was asked if with regards to 2.13 Caterham Bourne, will the Atkins report becoming to the Local Committee?  The Area Highways Manager advised that the flooding report would fall under the Strategic Network Resilience team and they would respond direct to the member.

3)    An error was highlighted in 2.15, this should be Woldingham Road not Warlingham Road.

4)    Crewe’s Close in Warlingham had the previous divisional member support, for carriage widening. It was asked if Crewe’s close was included on the ITS list for works, if not could it be.


The Area Highways Manager advised the widening of carriage would be considered as minor works so would not be included on the ITS list. She would speak to the central team to find out if on the list for works.  Next financial year, each divisional Members is allocated £15000 for capital works in their division which can be used for this should they wish. 


5)    The pavements on Station Road East, Oxted are not in a good state, it was suggested that this may have been delayed due to the urban redesign work in Oxted.  It was asked if the pavements would be included on the ITS list.


The Area Highways Manager advised that Station Road East pavements are part owned by SCC and part is owned by the shops. Some funding had been previously been allocated to the public highway part of the pavement and it was hoped that work would be done collaboratively with the shop owners, however this had been put on hold subject to BID proposals work.


Station Road East is not on the Horizon programme for pavement replacement next year, however they are inspected routinely and should there be a safety defect this needs to be reported.



6)    Blackberry Lane, Jacks bridge in Annex 1, the divisional Member reported that the barriers have been damaged again for a third time. She asked for clarification on the exact location of the works as where there has been a number of accidents is not on Blackberry Lane but Felbridge Road. She raised concerns regarding removing the centre line and felt that camber of the road is incorrect.


The Area Highways Manager advised that this is a road safety scheme in response to accidents at this site and not a Local Committee funded scheme.  She would speak to the Road Safety team to confirm its location.  When a Road Safety Scheme is installed it is monitored and a full safety audit will be carried out. 


7)    It was asked what the process is for getting a pavement on to the scheme for work.


The Area Highways Manager advised that the Asset Management Team have a countywide budget and approach to the priority list.  Priority is given to pavements outside schools, hospitals and shopping areas.  In recent years the budget for pavements has been tight. However, the Members Capital Maintenance fund next year and Parishes can also use any CIL money available to them should they wish. 


8)    Bug Hill junction, it was asked when the work would be starting.  It was advised that the contractors are trying to get road space and works will begin shortly. 


9)    Also with regards to Bug Hill, the hedges have been cut and this has improved sight lines. The Area Highway Manager advised that the land owner kindly cut the hedges,




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