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Report attached.




Paul Mudd, XPS

Sally Wilson, Scheme Manger

Carrie Pearce, Pensions Project Officer


Key points raised during the discussion:


1.    The Scheme Manager introduced the report and highlighted the risk summary included in the report. Members noted that the highest risks which were related to:

a.    10% Day Related Flexible Hours Allowance and Variable Crewing Hours Allowance

b.    Retained Firefighters’ Modified Pension Scheme Update (Matthews) Project

c.     McCloud / Age Discrimination

d.    Pensions Team Skills and Team Resourcing.

2.    In regard to Pensions Team Skills and Team Resourcing, officers confirmed that resources had been increased within the team and that training was underway.

3.    In regard to the McCloud Risk Summary, Members noted the six identified risks which were:

a.    McCloud Data Collection Exercise

b.    staff not feeling valued due to the implementation of McCloud and when pension payments will be made

c.     inability to successfully succession plan into key roles/ranks across the Service could result in degradation of some activities/Services

d.    delay in XPS providing member's pensions

e.    legislation is not implemented in October 2023

f.      the failure to interpret or apply legislation correctly.

4.    In regard to the Data Collection Exercise, the Pensions Project Officer stated that they were reassured that officers could utilise the resource within the team to complete the exercise as the largest of the two returns for the 1992 scheme been completed and submitted to XPS. Officers had also spoken with XPS to understand the position of other FRA’s when completing the exercise.

5.    In regard to the risk related to a delay in XPS providing member's pensions, the Pensions Project Officer stated that challenges included being reliant on the software being available on time and whether the current 10 day key performance indicator was achievable. Members noted that officers were communicating with members who were considering retirement in October to management their expectations and offer advice. Information had been included on the pension SharePoint to provide detail to members on what it would look like if they were to retire before the 1 October.

6.    The Vice-Chairman said that it was important to share intelligence related to workforce retirements with the Workforce Working Group to inform future workforce planning.

7.    The Board noted that the pension payments legislation was expected in Summer 2023.

8.    The Chairman requested that the next XPS report in July 2023 include detail on the pension payments legislation and whether preparations were expected to be ready in time for the implementation of the pension payment legislation in October 2023.

9.    The Vice-Chairman said that officers should consider whether low scored risks should continue to be included on the risk register and when they could transition to being ‘business as usual’ risks.


Actions/ further information to be provided:


A6/23 - Members to be provided with detail within the next XPS report on the pension payments legislation and whether preparations were expected to be ready in time for the scheduled implementation in October 2023.




The Board noted the risk register. 


Supporting documents: