Agenda item


Purpose of report: Policy Development and Review.


A presentation to inform the committee on achievements to date and current progress towards key objectives/milestones in relation to waste, and to brief the Committee on the Surrey Waste Partnership.


Declarations of interest: None




Matt Smyth, Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager

Helen Trew, Waste Policy and Partnerships Manager



Key points raised during the discussion:


1.    A presentation was presented to the Committee informing them on achievements to date, current progress towards key objectives, milestones in relation to waste and a further brief on the Surrey Waste Partnership. The Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager explained that the team would be looking for comment from the Committee to help shape a new joint waste strategy.


2.    As part of the SE7 group it was recognised that there was opportunity to work with industry to dispose of waste in a cost effective manner that would generate income for the County Council.


3.    A Member of the Committee raised concerns over the different processes in place for waste recycling across the county. The Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager explained that the different means for recycling waste depended on local conditions and which area of the county somebody lived in. It was explained that new legislation around not mixing waste but collecting separately would come into force in 2015.


4.    Members of the Committee agreed that there was benefit to be gained by working in partnership with district and boroughs. The Cabinet Member for Transport, Highways & Environment explained that it had been difficult to get the support of some Members from district and boroughs to support managing waste in partnership, even though the cost savings for all those involved would be significant. It was suggested that the Surrey Waste Partnership would provide the best vehicle for driving this agenda forward.


5.    It was explained that leaf collection was a total of 3% of SCC recycling but the Environment Agency (EA) had recently taken a view that leaves contained contaminated toxins which meant that these could no longer be recycled with green waste.


6.    A Member of the Committee asked if the wood being recycled in the county could be used for generating income. It was explained that the wood from SCC recycling centres was rated as grade 3 and of a poor quality which meant there was not much opportunity to generate huge amounts of income.  


7.    The Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager recognised there was inappropriate Community Recycling Centre (CRC) facilities in the south of Tandridge. Work had been done last year to look for a new site to facilitate a CRC in Tandridge but the team had been unsuccessful in locating a new site.


8.    There were opportunities to do more bin checking in the county. Although this would be costly it would allow Councils to reward residents and incentivise recycling.     


9.    It was queried whether or not rubble could be used for creating bunds on rivers. The Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager explained that there were many opportunities with rubble. If the rubble is mixed then it could be separated and used in various ways. There was an opportunity to talk to industry and find out what would be of value to them and what they required going forward.



10.  The value around certain recycling operations was asked by the Committee. The Waste Partnership and Development Team Manager explained that recycled electrical goods and textiles were of great value to SCC. The service is always looking at new ways to better engage with residents and meet recycling targets.


11.  Concern was raised around rain damage to recyclable materials such as paper and electronics when left exposed at night. Officers agreed to consider whether covers were required at certain sites.     






Actions/further information to be provided:


For the Select Committee to be sent a copy of the ‘Managing Surreys Waste’ presentation.


Committee Next Steps:The Select Committee will receive a report on proposals for a new joint waste strategy for Surrey at its meeting in July 2014.