Committee details

Corporate Overview Select Committee

Purpose of committee

Co-ordinates the Council’s policy development and scrutiny work by agreeing work programmes for Select Committees, ensuring that reviews are focused on the Council’s priorities and value for money, that reviews are cross-cutting where appropriate, and that work is not duplicated.


Performance, finance and risk monitoring for all Council services.

Policy development and scrutiny for Cross-cutting/whole-Council issues including:

·         Council’s budget and Financial Management

·         Change Management Programme (including development and implementation of Digital Strategy)

·         Corporate Performance Management

·         Orbis Partnership Functions (HR&OD, IT, Business Ops, Property, Procurement)

·         Orbis Public Law

·         Equalities and Diversity

·         Internal/External Communications

·         Legal and Democratic Services

·         Coroner

·         Customer Services


Contact information

Support officer: Huma Younis or Joss Butler.

Postal address:
Room 122
County Hall
Kingston upon Thames

Phone: 020 8213 2725 or 020 8541 9702

Email: or