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Home to School/College Travel and Transport Policy

03/02/2020 - Home to School/College Travel and Transport Policy

The Cabinet Member for All-Age Learning considered and took into account the analysis of the responses to the public consultation (Annex A of the report), the equality impact assessment and the mitigations of key concerns and impacts (Annex B of the report), and


1                 endorsed the strong focus on independence and preparation for adulthood in the new policy

2                 approved the recommended three policy options that were the subject of consultation covering

2.1 transport for children below the age of 5 (paragraph 12 of the report)

2.2  transport for children of compulsory school age who turn 8 (paragraph 13 of the report)

2.3 transport for young people aged 17 – 18 (paragraph 14 of the report)

3                 approved Surrey County Council’s Home to School/College Travel Assistance and Transport Policy (Annex C of the report)

4                 approved the policy implementation timetable (paragraphs 15-16 of the report)