Issue - decisions

Covid 19 Contingencies

29/04/2020 - Covid-19 Update



Cabinet resolved to note:


1.    the latest public health situation with regard to COVID-19 and the latest informationon Surrey’s response,

2.    the updated guidance on changes to local authority powers under the Coronavirus Act, including powers available to the County Council should the system for managing the deceased risk becoming overwhelmed,


3.    the efforts being made to source, procure, supply and distribute Personal Protective Equipment to employees, in accordance with national guidance and the potential sanctions and liabilities in this respect,


4.    the updated assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on Surrey County Council’s short and medium-term financial position, and the impact on services, and


5.    the measures being taken through the Surrey Local Resilience Forum Recovery Coordinating Group to plan and prepare for the immediate, operational Recovery of services from lockdown and COVID-19. 


Reason for decision:


The county and Council continue to face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 emergency. The focus of response activity remains: i) delay and suppress the progress of the virus in Surrey, ii) save lives, iii) support our most vulnerable residents and communities through the delivery of core services, iv) reduce pressure on the NHS.


These priority objectives are guiding our decisions and ensuring our response and emergent recovery strategies and work remain tightly focused. The recommendations set out in this report will support our efforts across the Council to protect, sustain and support our residents and communities and the economy of Surrey.


[This decision is subject to call-in by the relevant Select Committee Chairman dependent on the recommendation.]