Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Children's Improvement Plan16/11/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Fees and Charges Policy16/11/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Investment Board16/11/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Property Transactions16/11/2018For Determination05/03/2019
Award of IT End User Device Supply and Associated Services Contract16/11/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Updated Highway Asset Management Strategy and Policies16/11/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Re-Commissioning of Dementia Navigators Service16/11/2018For Determination26/02/2019
The Future of Care and Support at Hillside Residential Care Home, Portesbery Road, Camberley16/11/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Local Government Ombudsman Report16/11/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement Renewals26/10/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Surrey County Council Developer Contribution Guide26/10/2018For Determination04/12/2018
Surrey Performing Arts Library- Evaluation of NewSPAL Business Plan26/10/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Provision of Contract for Water and Waste Billing Services26/10/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Award of Framework Agreements and Call Off Contracts for the Provision of Legal Services26/10/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Monthly Budget Monitoring Report26/10/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Property Transactions26/10/2018For Determination26/02/2019
Property Transactions26/10/2018For Determination12/02/2019
Investment Board - 14 February 201926/10/2018For Determination14/02/2019
Commissioning of Special Educational Need or Disability placements from Schools and Colleges in the Non Maintained Independent Sector01/10/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Personal Support Services for Children, Young People and their Families01/10/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Re-commission of Surrey's Young People's Substance Misuse Service01/10/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Contract Award for the Provision of Commercial Catering Equipment01/10/2018For Determination22/01/2019
Monthly Budget Monitoring Report01/10/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Property Transactions01/10/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Investment Board - 16 January 201901/10/2018For Determination
Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools and Coordinated Schemes for September 202001/10/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Amalgamation of Manor Mead and Walton Leigh Schools by closing Manor Mead School and extending the pupils number to 160 at Walton Leigh School.24/08/2018For Determination04/12/2018
Property Transactions24/08/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Property Transactions24/08/2018For Determination04/12/2018
Monthly Budget Monitoring Report24/08/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Investment Board24/08/2018For Determination11/12/2018
Preparation of The New Surrey Waste Local Plan: Pre-Submission Plan24/07/2018For Determination18/12/2018
Monthly Budget Monitoring Report20/07/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Property Transactions20/07/2018For Determination26/03/2019
Provision of Extra Care Services Delivered in Schemes to be Developed via a Design, Build, Finance and Operate Model - Contract Award15/06/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Leadership Risk Register26/03/2018For Determination29/01/2019