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Install Zebra/Pedestrian crossing on The Avenue, Worcester Park, KT4.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to install Zebra/Pedestrian crossing on The Avenue, Worcester Park, KT4 as traffic calming measures.

The Avenue is an extremely long and wide road which runs from the top of Central road (opposite Worcester Park station) down to Grafton road towards A240 (Tolworth side). There is no pedestrian/zebra crossing anywhere along this road.

Local residents looking to cross on The Avenue will be familiar with just how difficult it can be with large numbers of vehicles and many going at speed. This road during rush hour is heavily congested/trafficked as it’s used as a major cut through to skip traffic on Central road, avoid the A3 or take shortcuts to Stoneleigh or Epsom. When the road is not busy, you will have cars whizzing at speed (excess of 40mph) given the convenience it provides being nicely wide open road by design and the fact that there are no concrete islands, speed bumps or speed camera to slow down makes it attractive to speed. There are local parks in this area, used by families with small children, elderly, disabled and mother with pram. And in order to get to it, you will need to cross The Avenue. Residents crossing the road here, especially during busy times and to get to the local shops, have said they don't feel safe crossing the road. In particular, the turning intersection from The Avenue to Woodlands Av and Badgers Copse is the most dangerous to cross given the congestion it creates with number of vehicles turning in and out. It is also an extremely difficult crossing to negotiate and you have to really understand the pattern of the signals to know when to ‘make a dash for it’.

One solution is to have a new zebra crossing installed in the section of The Avenue as it will be the most appropriate form of safe crossing at this location. This will make a genuine difference.

Started by: Mick Toogood

This ePetition runs from 05/01/2024 to 30/06/2024.

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