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Traffic lights at junction of Acacia Avenue and Egley Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Install traffic lights at the junction of Acacia Avenue and Egley Road in order to help slow traffic down coming from either end of Egley Road and to allow traffic in and out of the Barnsbury Estate in Woking.

It can be extremely difficult to come out of the Barnsbury Estate in Woking due to the amount of traffic at certain times of the day especially during the school runs and work rush hour. It can be particularly dangerous especially when cars are turning into Acacia Avenue while other cars are trying to turn out onto Egley Road heading north into Woking. There are many instances of near misses, previous accidents have happened and there is a concern that a serious accident may happen sooner or later. Also, there are hardly any speed limit signs along Egley road and people exceed the 30mph limit regularly.

Started by: Salvo Raia

This ePetition runs from 05/02/2024 to 05/10/2024.

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