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Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to We eagerly request the implementation of comprehensive measures to curb speeding, prevent vehicles from endangering pedestrians by driving along the pavements at high speed, enforce the signs against over-sized vehicles on side roads, and enhance safety at junctions through improved visibility and increased space for maneuvering to prevent congestion and road rage incidents.

There is a need to implement measures to deter speeding on our local roads and for adequate road markings / signs to be in place at specific junctions as well as deter excessive traffic who wish to avoid the London Road (A25) / Reigate Station level-crossing and Reigate High Street to access West Street (A25) and vice versa.

Deterring excessive speeding is particularly needed on South Albert Road and the northern stretch of Evesham Road (on the section of road from the junction of Beaufort Road heading up to Evesham Road North), where the speeding of vehicles can reach excessive amounts with limited visibility to oncoming traffic – this is to avoid being delayed on the one-way system in Reigate and the level-crossing at Reigate Station. Examples of what could work are speed bumps or speed tables or other measures to include traffic calming measures used to reduce speed and slow down the traffic - an example for this is Yorke Road in Reigate (outside the Holy Family Catholic Church) and The Ridgeway in Fetcham where the road layout allows / forces drivers to drive more carefully with bollards that either force traffic to stop in order to give way for oncoming traffic to proceed, or pinch-points where it forces drivers to slow down to enable safe passing of vehicles on their approach of oncoming vehicles. There needs to be some form of increased enforcement – I don’t think that visible speed limit signage is going to suffice.

Addressing the dangerous practice of vehicles mounting the pavements and driving along it at high speeds on South Albert Road (on the side of the ‘odd’ house numbers), which poses a severe risk to residents and pedestrians and potentially endangering lives. Installation of some form of metal posts placed in carefully positioned places or locations to prevent vehicles from mounting the pavements to drive along it, but not to cause an obstruction or inconvenience for vehicles that are accessing or parking on their driveways and prevent causing a nuisance or frustration for them.

Minimize the temptation for drivers to use our residential streets as shortcuts by implementing traffic calming measures and possible rerouting strategies if it does not negatively impact the local residents. As local residents, we still want to have the same access and freedom to get to West Street and Nutley Lane without there being a need to create one-way systems, etc. One-Way systems are NOT what the local residents want. Possibility of this can include designated routes for non-local traffic and better signage directing non-local residents in their vehicles away from residential areas and keeping them to the main roads, such as the London Road (A25) unless there is a genuine need to access the local roads, if possible?

Potential width restrictions or other enforcement methods to ensure commercial vehicles adhere to designated routes and do not obstruct residential streets due to their size limitations and cause the roads to be blocked-off. The larger lorries should not be using the local roads such as Evesham Road, South Albert Road, and Nutley Lane (except where access is required to the North Albert Road Industrial Estate, but the signs must be followed) or a genuine business case of delivering goods and services to the local community. There is a need to strengthen enforcement of existing regulations that prohibit larger vehicles from using narrow residential roads as shortcuts or to access the North Albert Road Industrial Estate. There are signs up to inform drivers of this (when they are not covered in overgrown trees or hedges or foliage of nearby properties) but they are ignored! The signs that are currently up advising of the correct route for access to the North Albert Road Industrial Estate should be used, but are not very clear nor visible enough either, because of the reasons already mentioned and they are placed in locations that are not easily spotted by the drivers. Sometimes their satnavs direct them that way. The larger vehicles have been known to hit other vehicles, boundary walls of properties and cause congestion by blocking the local roads whenever the signs are not followed.

Enhance safety at road junctions by restricting the parking of vehicles near to or opposite junctions to improve visibility and facilitate smoother traffic flow. Example of this is the junction of Evesham Road and Evesham Road North – vehicles are constantly mounting the pavement when turning left onto Evesham Road from Evesham Road North and vehicles turning right at the same junction, have to drive onto Evesham Road North initially on the wrong side of the road due to parked vehicles opposite the junction. Another location where road safety is an issue is the junction of Yorke Road, Nutley Lane and Beaufort Road where the road markings are not very clear and the signs are not being adhered to as the traffic do not always stop at the junction and continue through at speed from Yorke Road, across Nutley Lane and straight onto Beaufort Road and vice versa. The same applies to vehicles pulling out of Beaufort Road onto Evesham Road – they do not always stop and instead, they drive out onto oncoming traffic. Speed tables and better road markings would be strongly advisable for these locations.

Started by: Leroy Woodman

This ePetition runs from 26/03/2024 to 26/06/2024.

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