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Farnborough Aerodrome Consultative Committee


The Consultative Committee is the forum in which the management of TAG Aviation, as the management of Farnborough Aerodrome interacts with local public agencies, residential communities and with Airport users on a range of environmental and other airport issues. Farnborough is the largest dedicated UK Business Aerodrome. Like all airports, Farnborough affects people's lives in many different ways. On the one hand it offers a wide range of jobs and brings economic benefits and prosperity to the area. But on the other hand it can cause a number of problems and concerns to local communities, particularly on issues such as aircraft noise both in the air and on the ground, pollution, development demands, traffic and parking. Also, the business traveller's experience of the airport, as well as the needs of the operators, are very important elements in the consideration of the airport's future. FACC seeks to reach a common understanding between the various interests about the nature and operation of the airport so that issues can be resolved amicably. It is therefore the custom and practice of the Committee to ensure that all views are properly reflected and, wherever possible, to work through consensus. Seeking a balance between these wide and conflicting interests is a challenging role. Our primary objective is to ensure the future success of Farnborough providing high quality services to its business customers and operators, having particular regard to the impact this has on the surrounding communities.


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