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High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Joint Advisory Committee


The partnership agreement between the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) members sets out the 14 activities of an AONB Unit. The activities are undertaken within the context of the AONB Management Plan and a three-year business strategy.

An Officers' Working Group provides the JAC with professional advice on its terms of reference, core budget, business plan and policy related activities.

East Sussex County Council is the ''host'' authority for the JAC. It is the employer for the JAC's staff team, it is the JAC's treasurer, and it enters into contracts on the JAC's behalf. It also provides personnel, finance and IT support.

The role of Members on this committee are identified as follows:


a) participate fully in strategic planning with respect to both the

AONB and the JAC’s work, including agreeing the JAC’s



b) disseminate and promote the policies set out, and in relation

to, the AONB management plan within their own organisation

and externally, as appropriate.


c) disseminate and advocate any other agreed approach of the

JAC within their own organisation and externally, as




Website: http://www.highweald.org/about-the-high-weald-unit/management.html




Contact information

Samantha Nicholas, Team Support Officer: Email: s.nicholas@highweald.org

High Weald AONB Woodland Enterprise Centre
Hastings Road
East Sussex

Phone: 01424 723005

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