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Joint Waste Collection Services Committee


The Joint Waste Collection Services Committee is established under sections 101(5) and 102 of the Local Government Act 1972 and Regulations 7 and 11 of the Local Authorities (Arrangements for the Discharge of Functions) (England) Regulations 2012 by the Executives or relevant Committees of Elmbridge Borough Council, Mole Valley District Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council and Woking Borough Council (each an Authority and together the Authorities).


The JWCS Committee shall be established to facilitate the Authorities working together to improve the quality and effectiveness of the discharge of their waste, collection, management and disposal functions under the relevant provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 as Waste Collection Authorities and Principal Litter Authorities and to manage the Joint Contract. This working together shall also include working in partnership with Surrey as the Waste Disposal Authority to maximise integration opportunities.


Website: http://surreyheath.moderngov.co.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CId=322&Year=0


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Email: democratic.services@surreyheath.gov.uk

Joint Waste Collection Services Committee
Surrey Heath Borough Council
Knoll Road
Camberley, Surrey
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