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Margaret Pope's Educational Charity


The Charity was established in the late nineteenth century (1893) to provide an education to children of the working class; especially girls. Margaret Pope herself was the daughter of a wealthy local family. She originally established a school in Thames Street, Staines but this became redundant with the passing of the various early 20th century education acts. The building was sold and the Charity concerned itself with awarding prizes and grants for various educational needs. The 1948 Education Act meant that the Charity could not pursue even this course of action because of an aversion to such prizes and it’s limited area of operation—i.e. the parish of Staines. Therefore until the Ministry of Education approved a new scheme for the Charity in 1963 the Trustees gave 60% of it’s income to Matthew Arnold Girl’s School; 20% to the boys school and 20% to Kingston Road Primary School to buy books. It was arranged that the library at the girl’s school be named “The Margaret Pope Library” and that all books bought with the Charity’s money would have a book plate acknowledging the Charity’s gift---such book plates to be printed by the boy’s school which had a printing machine. In 1963 this arrangement came to an end and the Charity was able to make direct grants to pupils---usually about £5 to £10 for uniform, books etc. the Charity’s income is about £100 a year which does not leave much scope to pay any meaningful grants.


The Charity currently is looking to wind down its functions with potential for a merger or other option. The Charity requests that a Member of Surrey County Council is appointed as a trustee and also as the conduit between the charity and the Ministry of Education.


Website: http://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-details/?regid=311907&subid=0



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Derek Bartlett - Representative Trustee: Email: derek.bartlett3@virgin.net

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